Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1169: Fun kills

Today on Buzz Out Loud, fun kills and companies kill fun. Apple kills all the good boob stuff in the App Store, Google's building its Daemon-Skynet empire by getting into the power business, and Italy thinks 3D glasses can give you pink-eye. Also, Microso

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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Today on Buzz Out Loud, fun kills and companies kill fun. Apple kills all the good boob stuff in the App Store, Google's building its Daemon-Skynet empire by getting into the power business, and Italy thinks 3D glasses can give you pink-eye. Also, Microsoft and Yahoo finally get that search deal done, about a thousand episodes after anyone cares. And Helen calls again and breaks Molly. --Molly

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Jeff from Fayetteville is depressed.

Helen from New Zealand explains Xfinity



Hey, Buzz-wardians… Jersey Chris the video editor here.

In regards to your story in episode 1167 about Red Box not being able to release new movies until 28 days after the official release date… this does absolutely nothing to sway me into buying DVDs. I rent DVDs because I don’t want to buy them.

I have no interest in owning the DVD. I watch a movie once or twice and then I’m done with it. I don’t religiously follow release dates with giddy anticipation and neither do the other “Red Boxers” I stand in line with while looking at what’s available. When the movie comes out on Red Box, it’s out… A day after the official release or a month after the official release. I’ll rent it then. So the extra month I’ll have to wait… Meh.

Jersey Chris


Hi Buzz Crew,

It’s been a while since last time I mailed you guys.
This is an interesting image that was up on digg today, I think you already saw it:

Pirated DVD vs. Legal DVD

This image express our point about the whole movie industry treating it’s customers as criminals. And it’s exactly what I feel when I put a DVD/BluRay in my player.

Love the SHOW!
Cleber Mori


Dear BOL

First off LOVE THE SHOW, glad I got that out of the way.

In episode 1168 the two caller were indeed the funniest callers I have ever heard. Now the second caller said something about getting better porn when Comcast goes to Xfinity. Now as a Dishnetwork customer I thought that this was the name of an Adult Channel that was offered on this service when I first heard and seen the name. To which started an e-mail about how no company checks names anymore, but it is not the name of a channel . So I was wondering where this guy went wrong, did a quick google search and found this article: http://www.multichannel.com/article/441190-Comcast_Counts_To_Xfinity_.php and in the second to the last paragraph of the store was this statement: "Banse said Comcast will add adult content to the Xfinity TV service, including programming from Cinemax, once it has implemented parental controls for the site sometime around the end of January or the middle of February."

Hope this helps.

Now for the fun part, could we get Alex from Austria to call back up and say "MORE DOTS", "MORE DOTS NOW"


Toadie from Indiana


Just ran across this site call ShadyURL. It is a URL shortener that makes any URL more scary, rather than hiding actually scary URLs.

This is the ShadyURL for BOL. http://5z8.info/IE-exploiter_o7a4_inject_worm