Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1167: 3D will make you go blind

Well, ok, 3D might not make you go blind, but we think the issue warrants further study. At least, Molly and Rafe think it warrants further study. Tom's just baiting us. Also, AT&T gets a Windows Phone 7 victory, Warner is still keeping DVDs on life suppo

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
4 min read

Well, ok, 3D might not make you go blind, but we think the issue warrants further study. At least, Molly and Rafe think it warrants further study. Tom's just baiting us. Also, AT&T gets a Windows Phone 7 victory, Warner is still keeping DVDs on life support, and PDFs are just plain dangerous. Also, our hearts go out to Tesla Motors today after a tragic plane crash in Palo Alto. --Molly

Watch this: Ep. 1167: 3D will make you go blind


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Hey Buzz Crew,

Just wanted to let you guys know, in case you didn’t already see, that
Molly Wood’s Molly Rants article on Google Buzz is quoted in EPIC’s
FTC filing against Google (page six), along with articles by CNET’s
Tom Krazit and Chris Matyszcyk.

On a related note, I love it when tech stories involve legal
documents, because then I can read them at work they look just like
everything else that I’m doing.

Love the show


Maybe I am missing something here, but wouldn’t it be a bit excessive
to provide a gigabit broadband connection. It essentially rules out
the usage of a laptop or any other wireless device unless you want to
waste a minimum of 70% of the speed (since the maximum throughput for
802.11n is only 300Mbps)! I suppose if you want to be chained to an
Ethernet port it is fine, but other than that it just seems like a
waste. Interestlingly though my laptop from six years ago has gigabit
Ethernet while my wife’s new laptop and my new desktop do not. Maybe
I am missing something, but it just seems like a waste of bandwith.

Kris the Engineer


Hey, Buzz crew,

In episode 1166, you talked about how AT&T and other cellular carriers
wanted to create a huge app store to service all smartphones, and you
also played a voicemail from Jason who asked if we’d ever see the day
where one application development platform would run on all the
different handsets. Yet you seemed to miss the announcement that Adobe
made at the Mobile World Congress that it plans to bring its Adobe AIR
platform to mobile devices, starting with versions that will run on
Android and Blackberry. If they reach their goal, application
developers could write their application once in Adobe AIR and it will
run on any mobile or desktop operating system. That would make the
“Wholesale App Community” that AT&T is planning a lot easier to
implement, as any AIR application in that app store would be available
to any and all of the handsets.

Here are a few links regarding the Adobe announcement:

Official press release:
Engadget story:
TechCrunch story: http://techcrunch.com/2010/02/14/air-android/
ReadWriteWeb story:

–Brian from Bowie, MD


I’ve been a listening for a very long time and had wanted to give
something back to the show. You had asked for the Buzz Out Loud Magic
8 Ball, here you have it: http://www.cullmanndesign.com/BOL8ball/

Love the show, thank you!

(ccullmann in the forum)