Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1107: Vote for us or the chicken gets it

The Podcast awards are on and we're up against TWiT again, so we had to get drastic. We will no longer protect your chicken from Dokken if you don't vote for us. So there. Also Psystar is no longer protected from Apple and Modern Warfare 2 is no longer

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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The Podcast awards are on, and we're up against TWiT again, so we had to get drastic. We will no longer protect your chicken from Dokken if you don't vote for us. So there. Also Psystar is no longer protected from Apple, and Modern Warfare 2 is no longer available in Russia. Whew. So much less availability these days.

Watch this: Ep. 1107: Vote for us or the chicken gets it


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UPDATE: Apple wins important round In Psystar copyright case

Apple relents on Mad artist’s caricature app

Russia bans Modern Warfare 2, recalls all copies of game

Zune to launch outside US

Windows Mobile loses nearly a third of market share

Is Sezmi a cable TV killer?

About half in U.S. would pay for online news, study finds

URL shorteners suck less, thanks to the Internet Archive and 301Works

New dating sites match people through DNA tests

Shuttle to haul 27,000 pounds of spare parts

Ted from Berkeley on a Gizmo workaround to avoid paying for Skype

Mike from Irvine describes a poorly designed cookie implementation

Sudo not violating Microsoft patent – Ill be brief since I have written in about patent hate before so Ill just get to the specifics of this instance. I did a quick read of the claims, and I will admit i am not a programmer but i have some experience in it from highschool and college, but my reading of the claims sounds like they are linking different admin accounts using some underlying algorythm and showing the linked accounts in a graphic interface for the user. This does not sound like the way the sudo command is implemented and the Microsoft patent would not prevent people from using the psuedo command. Ill attach the patent language for you to read as i feel grocklaw is a biased observer. Despite the on going patent hate, Love the show.

Tim the Patent Examiner

PS: Yes I am biased too.


Hey Buzzcrew,

Today I was listening to episode 1106 and I wanted to comment on the discussion of modified xbox 360 consoles. It was mentioned that the only way to detect a banned console is to connect it to the internet. This is not entirely true. You can pop off the front face (which is totally legit to do) and check if the warranty sticker is still intact. This holographic sticker near the controller USB ports cannot be left intact when performing the mod to allow backups to run. Just because it’s broken doesn’t necessarily means the console is banned, BUT if it is intact, there is no possible way the console is banned.

On craigslist or eBay you could demand a picture of that sticker before considering a purchase, at least adding some confidence to the sale,

Love the show!


Hey Buzz Crew,
Just wanted to point out that Buzz Out Loud is nominated for The People’s Choice Podcast Awards for Best Video Podcast so:
Tell everyone to vote!

(Vote 1 time daily through November 30th! -Jason)

I am not affilliated with the podcast awards, by the way.
Somewhat ironically, I discovered that you were on the list when I clicked a link on Revision3’s site to vote for them.
But when I saw Buzz Out Loud as an option, I knew I had betrayed you CNET! I immediately voted for Buzz Out Loud!
Love da show-

Andrew Faulds

Watch this: Ep. 1107: Web Exclusive