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Buzz Out Loud 996: You can't facesquat obscenities

Tonight the land rush begins for Facebook usernames and URLs. We'll tell you all about that. Also, Microsoft gets petulant and removes all browsers from its European versions of Windows, which makes Opera mad. And Macs get more worms and trojans.

Tonight the land rush begins for Facebook usernames and URLs. We'll tell you all about that. Also, Microsoft gets petulant and removes all browsers from its European versions of Windows, which makes Opera mad. And Macs get more worms and trojans.

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Today is end of analog TV in U.S.

Microsoft to sell Windows 7 without IE in Europe: Odd and unnecessary

Opera lashes out over Microsoft’s browser removal

Your Facebook business name: Already reserved?

Twitter launches verified accounts

Two new Mac attacks surface

Free anonymous BitTorrent becomes reality with BitBlinder

Gaming hardware, software sees slump in May

DJs buy music on stolen cards’

Meteor bounces off German dweeb

N.Y. man sues dating Web site Match.com for deception


Rod from Washington on MS Money

Mike in Toronto’s ingenius iPhone plan

Hay Buzz team, how come you are not in HD? yea I know the pixels are right (1.77), but the encoding sucks. You shouldn’t let those other shows hog the bandwidth bucket, its time you stood up for yourself, I may start a petition.
I still love the show despite the video quality.
Congratulations on show 1000, perhaps CBS could give you a bandwidth cake.



Dear Buzz Folk,

I still have my Calculus textbook, filled with notes, formulas,
graphs, and corrections. And while having an electronic version of
the text would be nice for reference, I think an electronic version
inhibits the learning process. In my calc book, I have tons of little
notes filling in the gaps in examples the authors left out (”It is
left to the reader” and “It can be easily be shown” are my two least
favorite textbook phrases). I can’t imagine taking an organic
chemistry course without the ability to sketch compounds in the
margin. Technology is just not available to do these sort of things
easily and in a country that is behind in math and science education,
cheaper is not always better.

Besides, the cost savings are minimal. “Applied Chemistry – A
Textbook for Engineers and Technologists” costs 107.51 in hardcover on
amazon.com (random example). The kindle version costs 96.76. And I
can’t sell it at the end of the semester for pizza money. I can’t let
a friend borrow it. Or own it after amazon stops producing the kindle
and my kindle dies. Or I could get a version for my laptop,
encumbered with DRM that doesn’t work on my linux/mac or after the DRM
server is shutdown. Yup, that 10.75 I saved was well worth it. Open
textbooks are a possible solution (thinking about writing a statistics
for biologists one myself, after I get tenure) but “usable in the
classroom” quality and open is not always possible.

P.S. Kinldle: The home of the $6,400 ebook.

Mike the statistics professor


Hey buzz crew,

With all the reports about the new iPhone you seemed to miss a ground
breaking event. Since the iPhone 3G S is the same size as the iPhone
3G that means all of your cases and add ons will work with the new
modle! I can’t believe apple forgot to stick it to us the customers
and force us to upgrade all the stuff we have already bought. Is this
the start of a new kinder apple or just an over sight of some project

Love the show!

Kathryn from Portland Oregon
( where AT&T coverage not that bad )


Hey guys,

After hearing you wax poetic about Joss Whedon, I felt you guys would be helpful in getting the word out about Can’t Stop the Serenity 2009.

“Can't Stop the Serenity” is a global fundraising effort featuring charity screenings of Joss Whedon's 2005 film Serenity to benefit Equality Now.

This year, in addition to Serenity, many locations will also be hosting big screen showings of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," Joss Whedon’s awardwinning Internet musical sensation.

Fans of Joss Whedon show Serenity on his birthday (June 23rd) to honor him and to raise money for his favorite charity, Equality Now. Equality Now (http://equalitynow.org/) works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure.

There are over 47 cities hosting these events throughout the summer. For details about the closest city hosting an event go to http://www.cantstoptheserenity.com.


David Adams
New England Browncoats



1000th episode is next week, thanks for all your submissions. Don’t miss the big show Thursday June 18th at the normal time and in the normal feeds live at 10:30 AM Pacific http://www.cnet.com/live