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Buzz Out Loud 995: Go to a bloody coffee shop

Should you do a prepaid broadband card? What if it costs you more for the convenience? What if your payments expire after 10 days if you don't use them? You know what, we think the coffee shop is probably a better bet at that point.

Should you do a prepaid broadband card? What if it costs you more for the convenience? What if your payments expire after 10 days if you don't use them? You know what, we think the coffee shop is probably a better bet at that point. We also discuss why Microsoft has stopped making Money and what effect Craigslist has really had on the newspaper industry.

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Episode 995

KCBS celebrates 100 years

DTV transition is nearly here. Are you ready?

Microsoft stops making the program “Money”

Supreme Court declines to hear case on IT’s rights to search your computer

China’s new mandatory firewall software has huge security holes

T-Mobile accidentally posts secret iPhone 3G S specs

Apple selling iPhone 3G S at 8 a.m. June 19, AT&T at 7 a.m.

Virgin Mobile USA pay as you go broadband

Most Americans are ambivalent networks and have Internet fatigue

GPS shoes for tracking elderly and children

Earth could collide with other planets

Voice mail
James from Irvine on Craiglist

Hi Buzz Crew,

When I first heard about The Governornator saying that they will getting rid of school books and the kids will be getting that information online I thought “Is he going to buy all the kids Kindle DXs?” When I heard the later clarification that this will be starting with Math and Science books in the high schools I thought this is a great opportunity for Amazon. If colleges can start issuing laptops to every incoming freshman, why can’t the high schools issue Kindle DXs to every incoming freshman? Yes, a 13/14 year old can be tough on technology but if they can keep their DS’s, iPods and cell phones alive, I’m sure they can keep a Kindle alive too, think of the market for Kindle cases with school logos. Also unlike a laptop you don’t have to worry about the kids Googling or WolframAlphaing the answers to homework problems.

So where are you Amazon with your offer of selling enough Kindle DX’s to the California school system with bulk pricing?

Thanks, Just started listening a few months ago and I’m only upset I am always listening a day late.

-Daphne in Massachusetts


Hi Guys
Love the show. I was listening to the WWDC keynote and saw that Snow Leopard was selling for $29. Everyone was amazed about this and you were saying that Microsoft will have to lower their price but that is an odd thing to say. Snow Leopard is NOT A NEW OPERATING SYSTEM. IT IS JUST A SERVICE PACK! Windows offers these for free so isn't it apple ripping us off(as always). Windows 7 being sold for $49(I think you said) is excellent seeing it's a whole new OS and a dam good one at that. Also in episode 991, you were saying you bought the MacBook Pro because of the express card slot. What do you use it for? I think what they have done to keep it only with the 17" one is an excellent idea. I'm just annoyed that I bought a MacBook Pro about a month ago and I WANT AN SD CARD SLOT!. ThanksJ


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