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Buzz Out Loud 990: Three Geeks and a lumberjack

But the question is, who's the lumberjack? (Psst, it's Shankland. Watch the video version.) We also discuss chain-mail ziploc bags, what a spleen is good for, and even whether you should download Chrome for the Mac.

But the question is, who's the lumberjack? (Psst, it's Shankland. Watch the video version.) We also discuss chain-mail Ziploc bags, what a spleen is good for, and even whether you should download Chrome for the Mac. We all agree Hulu could ruin itself if it charges for content in the wrong way.

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Episode 990

First Look: Google Wave

Google Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux

Apple to launch cut-price version of iPhone

Sprint CEO says Pre deal is longer than six months

FTC forces hive of scum and villainy ISP offline

Before its time? Valve explains Left 4 Dead sequel to Ars

Hulu may begin charging for video content

Acer Android netbooks will still ship with Windows, reveals chairman

Chinese company shows Windows XP phone

EFF tracking policy changes at Google, Facebook and others



Steve from Calgary on Google street maps
Google Street View in 3D story


This is about yesterday's episode

Let me start by saying I do not deal with this hospital, but have been part of a very busy EMS system for eight years. I would assume that the hospital was not turning away the life threating emergencies ("blood coming out of every orifice"). They were turning away the 911 calls that were stable. People do call 911 for less than emergent reasons; swine flu symptoms, to bypass the line in the waiting room (people actually tell me this), follow up doctor appointments, rides across town (say their sick and leave the hospital once no one is looking), this list is endless. Locally the hospitals reroute medic/ambulance traffic when the rooms are full and the waiting room is a three hour wait (the exception is life threating emergencies). Hospitals want to give the best service possible and if people are waiting forever it is a PR nightmare for the hospital. With the computers down one can only assume that this situation happened.

Second rant, leave this out if you do not have time,

Firefighters are some of the most intelligent people I know, you would be surprised how many have Bachelor and Masters degrees. We are given training but not every answer for the real world can be taught. When we show up, we will always find an solution to the problem presented. So if we have to install converter boxes, I have already put one in my house. P.S. please do not tell people to call 911 to get help with their converter boxes, Someone will do it!!! That will be my next email.

Firefighter/Paramedic Damian


Hey BOL--
I am an employee at Best Buy here in the Midwest and stumbled upon a letter to all employees outlining the launch of Windows 7.
Here is a link for the letter to read:
Basically it looks like any computer bought after June 26th will be eligible for a free upgrade to Win7 when it is released! (Seems a bit early to me, but great)
Also showing a presell of the Home premium upgrade version at $49.99

I hope this is some new information for you to enjoy!

Chris @ Best Buy


Hi Buzz Crew,

Hubby makes me listen while on our trek to work everyday, I learn a lot. So I am happy to provide some wisdom concerning using Ziptop Plastic Bags

However! Ziptop Plastic Bag Omelets are awesome easy and great for feeding the hungry hoards. My family is part of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) which means we camp in Elizabethan Style during our Summer "Wars". Can you scream Geek? LOL

So the Ziptop Plastic Bag Omelets have been part of our morning fare for awhile; they are seriously easy, you can make tons of Omelets at once, and you are only using up 1 pot, a huge plus when at a camping event. We shall have to take pictures during our next camping event in June 19-21, to show you!

You need:
Large pot of boiling water

#1. Mix up eggs and salt and pepper and place into a large ziplock bag. We do 2 dozen at a time because it will go for the entire weekend.

#2. Bring tons of extras, bacon, cheese, olives anything you would want in an omelet.

#3. Pore 2 eggs worth of your mixture into the lunch sized ziplock, no more than 3 eggs worth or it won't fit. Experience talking here!

#4. Add your extra ingredients.

#5. Take out as much air as you can and close the ziplock. This is crucial! Air will cause the pocket to swell in the boiling water and it will POP! Yep experience here as well!

#6. Allow to sit in the water for 6 to 8 minutes, best part of this is that it is hard to overcook the eggs as they are in boiling water.

Pull Bags out with tongs (Yep learned that lesson as well) and it is ready to be eaten!!

Also? Do you all have a plan for the evening meet up for the 1000th episode? Since we work in the City, we would love to join you at such an event.

(Spoken as Selene)


You've probably seen this already, but in case you haven't, the Palm Pre "hack" has been confirmed by DVD Jon on his blog:

I'm sure that Apple will shut this down tout de suite.

LTS, and congrats on your upcoming 1000th show.

/John in Fairfax


1000th episode coming Thursday June 18th. Want to be on the episode? Post a video of yourself. MUST be less than 30 seconds long. And send a link. No attachments. Jody's done it! Mike, Eliot, Al, Roberto, Adam and Aaron have done it. We'll choose from all the messages we get and play a selection on the 1000th episode as well as post them in the Wiki.


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