Buzz Out Loud 973: A-polka-lypse now

We learn that Donald is a one-man polka band, Twitter people are never satisfied, and it may be getting slightly easier out there for pimps. It's all tech related though, we swear.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
3 min read

We learn that Donald is a one-man polka band, Twitter people are never satisfied, and it may be getting slightly easier out there for pimps. It's all tech related though, we swear.

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Episode 973

Twitter users ticked off over feed settings tweak

Intel hammered by EU, faces $1.45 billion fine

AMD gains market share from Intel as Atom slumps

Ill. AG: Craigslist dropping ‘erotic services’ ads

Zune phone specs

Apple confirms WWDC keynote time, Phil Schiller leading the way

Hands on: Canonical aims for the cloud with new Ubuntu One

Verizon selling landline operations in 14 states

Clearwire selects Cisco to help build 4G network

Credit card code to combat fraud

220-mph solar-powered train proposed in Arizona

Voice mail
Mike the truck driver
Postal police “just wanted to let you know”

Justin from Gainesville
Speed traps

Hi Buzz crew,

I just went to the Carphone Warehouse, here in the UK, to try to get
my iPhone screen fixed. They told me not to bother because a new
iPhone is coming out in July, with 64 GB storage, video playback and a
3.2 MP camera confirmed and possibly more to come. This new iPhone is
going to be deemed as a gaming device as well as a phone and the
Carphone Warehouse have been told to push it is a gaming device when
it is released in July.

Just thought you guys might want to know,

Matt from London.


Hi Buzzcrew,

I usually refrain from emailing since I am in Hong Kong and I get the
podcast a day later than broadcasted. By then, any “Well actually’s”
have usually been already addressed by other members of Buzz town.

In relation to episode 971 and 969 regarding turning phones into wifi
hotspots, Joikuspot has long been a reliable way to turn any Symbian
phone into a wifi hotspot. I tried the program and it works exactly
as advertised. It has wep but not wpa, but setting it all up is easy
and it simply works. You have full control over who is active on your

The only complaint is that on my Nokia E66 it eats up a whole day’s
worth of battery in about 4 hours.

I have to add, I am a little surprised that the tethering on the Palm
Pre is so often discussed, all Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones comes
with PC Suite which allows you to access the internet on your computer
via the phone’s 3G connection. Are you talking about so other kind of
tethering? Or is this feature disabled on US phones?

Love the show,
Brian in Hong Kong, originally from Manchester, UK,via Tako, Japan.


Hey folks,

Indeed, some professors do use simple things like wordpress and twitter:

(cue Dvorak voice): http://people.auc.ca/brodbeck/blog

There are almost 400 podcasted lectures of mine there. This helps my
students (I have data on that, their marks have gone up about 5.5 percent
since I started podcasting my classes) and, it give Algoma University free

Speaking of the TWIT network, a psychologist you might know will be on
Futures in Biotech live at http://www.twitlive.tv on Friday, May 15 at 4 pm EDT.

Dave (the psychologist).


Listening to episode 970. I’m not a trucker, but I’ve known a few in my life. You’d be surprised how many of those guys and gals have laptops as their only computer and it’s right there in the cab with them. Since there are cabins in the back, some even have full desktop machines built-in to the bunk area with an inverter for power. I don’t know how things are in California, but here on the East coast, those folks are quite wired. They’ve been using GPS, mobile phones, etc., because they have to have communication with the home office and their homes.

Love the show!