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Buzz Out Loud 941: Urine nation

The Streamy awards made me think of how Hollywood and the video bloggers are starting to come together. It made Natali think about urination. So maybe they need to rethink branding. We also tell you how violent video games will make you see better.

The Streamy awards made me think of how Hollywood and the video bloggers are starting to come together. It made Natali think about urination. So, maybe they need to rethink branding. We also tell you how violent video games will make you see better. For real.

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Happy fourth birthday! I can’t believe Buzz Out Loud has been around for four years. Here’s hoping for four more! –Joseph in Ohio

Streamy Awards dominated by Felica Day

Google gives away music in China

Disney and YouTube close to content deal, report says

AND/OR: Disney, Hulu restart talks over ABC shows--report

Pirate Bay coming to Facebook

Red Hat: Recession is good for our business

Video games ‘can improve vision’

Skype for iPhone: It’s official

Twitter integration could come to OnStar

Mouthy billionaire Mark Cuban fined for using Twitter

University offers social media degree about Facebook, Twitter, and Bebo

Hotelicopter: April Fool’s come early

Shane in LasVegas
iPhone patent art

"Family Guy" is setting a bad example

Molly mentioned the E74 error last week. It turns out that I got that error. I called M$ and after troubleshooting I was told it was a hardware failure. I was informed that the console was out of warranty. I found that strange since I had heard that they had a 3 year warranty and my box was manufactured less than two years ago. I was informed that the three years are only for the RROD problem. The console repair would cost $120 but I could save $20 if I did it online. Unfortunately every time I tried to do it online I kept getting and internal server error(500). I informed the CSR about my online problem and I got the discount after being escalated (probably to the guy in the next cubicle).

Nice way to stop bleeding money M$. Change the way the error shows up and now they can make money on the deal. If it wasn’t for my zombie shooting 10 year old this would make a nice addition to my trash day collection.


In San Diego


Hey Buzz crew,

Just dropping you a link to let you know that the sturdy Mars rovers are once again back in action. Five years and not a red ring of death in sight. Can NASA take over making xbox 360s?




In the mid 70’s the CB Radio became an everyman’s way to connect to other people. With the CB you could find and talk to people you didn’t know, get help, avoid speed traps, and find information of all sorts. You did all this while using a “handle” as a substitute for your actual name. The CB exploded in popularity. Hollywood jumped on board and the CB was featured in a long list of now forgettable movies ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizens‘_band_radio#CB_in_movies ). Then as quickly as it appeared, the CB faded away.

Will Twitter see the same rapid adoption and slow fade?

Breaker One Nine

Wally from Minnesota - aka twitter.com/twdixon


Hey guys,

I love when you talk about stuff I know about…

There are about 1 000 000 000 000 neurons in your brain, and some may have
upwards of 10 000 synapses. The human nervous system is massively parallel
and hierarchical. (This is called the Hughlings Jackson principle).

Compare this to the lovely flatworm, the nematode. It has 302 neurons, and
we know what every circuit does, and, we know the whole frakking genome. So
the nematode is used a lot as a model for learning at the synaptic level,
whereas more complex processes are usually looked at with neural network
models. These models are just computer programs. Indeed, I learned how to
write such code in grad school, where my foreign language was Turbo Pascal
(no kidding). It seems that the research project you are talking about
combines the best of both worlds.

BTW, the synaptic process involved in learning is likely a phenomenon called
long term potentiation. This was first postulated by Canadian
neuropsychologist, Donald Hebb.

I wonder if I should count these emails to BOL as publications on my CV, my
annual report to the Dean is due soon…..

Dave (the psychologist)

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