Buzz Out Loud 935: Butt out loud

We have finally hit on an appropriate term for very small lightweight laptops: the Buttbook, as in small enough to fit in your butt pocket. We also talk about Gmail's new undo feature for e-mail.

We have finally hit on an appropriate term for very small lightweight laptops: the Buttbook, as in small enough to fit in your butt pocket. We also talk about Gmail's new undo feature for e-mail and Molly ponders that age-old question: should she buy land or a jaunty beret?

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Episode 935

Take it back: Gmail gets ‘Undo Send’ Labs feature

Chrome only browser left standing after day 1 of Pwn2Own

iPhone 3.0 OS reveals new iPhones, iPods and the mysterious “iProd”

AT&T: No-contract iPhones coming next week

Palm bets the farm on WebOS

YouTube gets NCAA games

LaCie merges with online-storage start-up Wuala

February NPD numbers give Sony reason to celebrate

Wii shortage finally nearing its end, says GameStop exec

Online game gets banking license

Last Battlestar tonight — Tech of BSG

Voice mail
Hank in Boston
Why $10 for the iPod Touch?

Note-Apple doesn’t actually own the word POD-at least according to the registrations at the Trademark office.

If you visit the USPTO web site you can poke around the register, looking things up. It’s all public record :)

If you look up the word “POD” as the full mark and currently registered-you get 22 hits. Everything from clothing and surfing gear to medical equipment.

581 more Registered Marks feature the word “pod” as a prefix, suffix, or somehow also in the mark.

Apple owns….10 of them.

This, by far, does not encapsulate all of the information regarding the law suit-TM is very technical and we shouldn’t assume that just because the word Pod appears a lot that they don’t have a case-but it does speak to Tom’s VERY well put point that pod is much bigger than Apple.

I’m not sure I want to put them in the Monster category yet, there is at least some connection between the goods in this case (unlike Monster’s shut down the mini-golf campaign) so we’ll just have to wait and see.


Hey Buzztown
Chris the former Snowmen Hunter here. Just heard Episode 934 and I hate to break it to my fellow geeks but… Flying cars will NEVER HAPPEN. I’m sorry, but it’s true, and you know it in your heart.
Here’s an illustrative conversation:

Woman: Honey, do you think you should pull over to get some gas?
Man: No dear, we’re fine. You can go for 50 more miles after the E line on the fuel gage.
Woman: Are you sure? I’m just worried that…
Man: Hut, hut, hut. Sweetie, I got this. Trust me.

This conversation has been brought to you by magic of the in-dash black box clawed from the wreckage of Honda 2015 Flying Car.

Don’t get me wrong. The flying cars will technically work fine. Human nature… Not so much. Let me ask you this: You see those beater cars on the highway, teen agers just learning to drive, the jerk who’s always zipping around and tailgating EVERYONE and the guy who takes such poor care of his car the left front wheel comes flying off at 60 mph and his axle digs a furrow you could plant corn in on 880. Do you wan these people flying over your head? Exactly.
Look around the DMV. Do you want those people look like pilots to you? That is a future that will kill us all.

Love the show,
P.S. Sorry, but no jet packs are coming either.


First, I am not sure where the caller lives but I’ve not seen this chargers in Toronto or any part of Ontario I’ve been in. Maybe in winterpeg (Winnipeg). However I hope they would use different connectors for high and low voltage charging. I can see someone plugging in a low voltage block heater into one of the high voltage parking lot chargers the story mentioned, and wondering why their engine is smoking when turned off.

-ZZ (Toronto Geek)


Hi Guys and Gals,
Andrew the Research Manager from Barcelona again, hoping that someday one of my e-mails will get read on the air!

Natalie’s laughing at the size of butts used to show the smallness of the Lenovo Pocket Yoga “not-book” got me thinking, and I’ve got a couple of proposals for names for this new, so-far difficult to name, category………drum roll Jason please…

Butt-top !

and if you’re really into alliteration(like Tom seems to be) I propose (my personal favorite)…

Butt-book !

that could really stick….”too small for your lap, but not for your butt…the new Lenovo Butt-book” or something like that