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Buzz Out Loud 924: Live smart die dumb

Riding an electric motorcycle can make you smarter, but as Molly points out, it can also kill you. So six to one, half a dozen to the other. We also can break you off a piece of that icepod bar. As soon as someone sends us one.

Riding an electric motorcycle can make you smarter, but as Molly points out, it can also kill you. So six to one, half a dozen to the other. We also can break you off a piece of that Ice Pod bar. As soon as someone sends us one. And Sweden is trying to send us some bandwidth. Thanks, Sweden!

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Authors Guild

Hey buzzers,

Maybe Best Buy can sell the electric motorcycle you talked about in
ep. 922 in the video game section. AFP is reporting a study by the
designer of Nintendo’s “Brain Age” game that says commuting on a
motorcycle works just like the game to make you smarter:

Sure, you could question the study’s crappy science, but I ride
motorcycles, and I, of course, am very smart. Therefore, this study
must be completely true. And even if it’s not, riding a bike is much
more fun than playing a video game on a bus.

-Mark, the supercomputer repairman


Hi Buzz Crew,

I was wondering if the zillion could be successful in the average house. With the current set top boxes supplementing cable or satellite, you usually have one high bandwidth user on the system. With the Zillion box being used to replace cable, that would require me to have one in the family room and one in each of my kids rooms. That's four feeds at once. I don't know if four TV's per house is average, but even at half that, I don't see ISP's being able to provide that amount of bandwidth. I would like an alternative, but until we are a one TV household, I don't see ISP's providing it.



Hey Buzz Crew,

Listening to episode #923 where Tom mentioned the download speed test
he did with Brian Tong between the Kindle 1 and the Kindle 2. I have
an theory as to why the Kindle 1 won over the Kindle 2. One of the
major improvements touted in the Kindle 2 is the improved battery
life. Well, one way they might have accomplished this is by
implementing more aggressive power management and/or power throttling
of the wireless chipset, which would impact wireless performance (i.e.
less power to the wireless chipset = less speed). Just my $0.02.

Love the show,
Donald, the out of work software engineer (yet another victim of these
troubled times… DRINK!!)


Hello Buzz, I don’t know if this is something you report about but I think this is a important thing to talk about since it is the “next” step in creating more bandwidth (I’ve heard that you need more of that…).

For two weeks research teams in Sweden, Norway and the US have been perpearing for a big test of one atlantic cable. And they managed to send data at a rate of 40gbps from Sweden to Manasquan in the states. The cool thing about this is that the cable they used were not meant for this speed and allthough they did over-use it this much no problems occured on the other spectrums on the line. Last year there was a story about a granny that got a really fast ADSL line and a even faster Fiber connection (see first link) the same technic used then was also used now and the brain behind the mentioned test was also the one that made this one possible.

Sorry for the bad grammar and spelling and the even more swedish last link :D

// Inga from Sweden =)