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Buzz Out Loud 922: Hot and junky

Brian Cooley aptly describes YouTube as hot and junky video today. And that my friends, is why the president has moved his video off YouTube and is hosting the player himself.

Brian Cooley aptly describes YouTube as hot and junky video today. And that, my friends, is why the president has moved his video off YouTube and is hosting the player himself. Meanwhile, we get a few more jabs in at the Authors Guild/Kindle controversy, and Cooley rants about space. Parking space.

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Episode 922

Square Root Day revelers to party like it’s 3/3/09

Apple tweaks desktops

Roku box adds Amazon Video

AMD, Nvidia play dueling graphics chip launches

2009 will be the worst year for PC sales. Ever. By far. (And no, Netbooks won’t save the day.)

Atom can’t feed fab monster; Intel outsources chips to TSMC

Best Buy planning to sell motorcycles it has invested in?

Time Warner to sell channels directly on Web?

Finding star power in games: The odd case of Jimmy Fallon

White House ditches YouTube

(Google says this report is incorrect)

New start-up hopes to push open-source pharmaceuticals

Microscopic magnetic mimic of bacterial motor made

Voice mail
Some thoughts on Amazon Kindle and the Author’s Guild

Several people wrote in askling if the Kindle menus are spoken. They’re not. But there is a petition that Mike from Serotek sent us if you want to push Amazon into making the Kindle more accessible. http://www.petitiononline.com/Kindle2/petition.html


Hi guys from buzz out loud

Just found your show and loving it.
Was just Listening and heard your comments about the alert Message in Victoria.
the system that the goverment were talking about implementing appears not to work work as well as it was hoped regarding
messages to most people in Victoria.
I live and work in Melbourne and I got the message which is not close enough to be under attack from fire. this caused undue panic to some people.
worse still the message even missed people that are in the fire effected areas, it looks like the system will need more work before it will be effective.

Melbourne Australia


Is it really so surprising that a Sony exec said something stupid? He did almost get to a valid point, though. Sony made a choice. They chose a complex and novel architecture with very little developer support when it launched. The same was true of the PS2, though, and it’s STILL selling games. The PS3’s tools are vastly improved since launch though. If a developer can afford to put some long and expensive hours into redesigning code, or writing whole new engines, to take advantage of the novelties in the Cell, the results can be stunning. And Sony is gambling on a life-cycle like PS2 to win back their investment.

Now, I’ve written code for Cell, and it is definitely more challenging than most. And the tools have been very slow to roll out. But the problem isn’t that the Cell is hard, or that it might be a doomed architecture (it’s in the hands of Sony and IBM, after all), it’s that all multi-core is still very new. Turns out that all those tools developers take for granted didn’t just come out of thin air. They had to be built, and tuned to use the hardware. New design ideas like a 6-core x86 chip, a GPU, or the Cell are all way beyond what today’s tools can optimize for, without help. So someone has to do it. This is what makes programming fun.

-Mark, the supercomputer repairman


You were talking about this on an earlier show, and heres an article from EcoGeek:

Cool Idea - Charge Your EV From Underneath