Buzz Out Loud 918: The incredible, edible car

Within 15 years, cars will be made of seaweed. But will they be edible? That's your next task, auto industry. We also make book recommendations, give medical advice, and generally just try to help. Oh, and we talk about exploding donut factories.

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
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Within 15 years, cars will be made of seaweed, but will they be edible? That's your next task, auto industry. We also make book recommendations, give medical advice, and generally just try to help. Oh, and we talk about exploding donut factories.

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On the iPhone so this will be brief (and possibly mispelled).

Just heard Tuesday’s show and the talk of slim apps in Snow Leopard
and had to mention the likely cause that did not come up. As far as I
know (still need to do my homework on this) Snow Leopard will be the
first release with intel only code, sans universal binaries and ppc
code. This seems likely because you can currently do this and save a
similar amount of space on an intel mac now with an app called
xslimmer. The space saved is similar and yes you can even cut some
ppc fat from itunes!

Love the show

James in Milwaukee


Hey Buzzcrew

I have been trying to find something to contribute to BOL, for a while I found ONE!

Well actually iTunes in Snow Leopard is smaller, at least compared to the iTunes installed on my mac iTunes on my computer currently takes up 144.8 MB And according to the screenshot found on http://images.worldofapple.com/snowleopard_10a261_010.png it is 50 MB which is dramatically lower which if roughly calculated is 94.8 MB smaller which is pretty good, But remember this is a screenshot of an unfinished product so it may be much more when finished, but at least we can hope.


So I wrote this the other day


And then the restaurant refugee put together this based (in part) on my post:


I thought it was pretty funny (and techy).


Frank L


Hey jaynato,
This is a couple of days old - I forgot to send this when it was fresh - but DragonflyBSD has released version 2.2.
I thought I would pass this along because I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about *BSD-releases. Many listeners may not
be familiar with Dragonfly BSD, it’s a free open-source Unix-like operating system created as a fork of FreeBSD version 4.8.

Here’s the release announcement:

Also, in case you missed this, the first full lecture from Marshall Kirk McKusicks FreeBSD Kernel Internals was posted on the bsdconferences channel on youtube a while ago, you can find it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwbqBdghh6E. I thought you should pass this along to the other buzzers.

love-da-show <3 :)

tobias from stockholm, sweden


Hi Buzz Crew,
I’m a pediatrician on staff at one of the largest children’s hospitals in the United States and after listening to Episode 917, I felt compelled to write.

First, Natali is awesome but she’s mistaken about vaccines. Vaccines do not weaken the immune system. Rather, they bolster immunity by exposing the immune system to carefully selected antigens which elicit an antibody response from the body and creates immune memory to combat future infections.

Second, the risk of flu for otherwise healthy adults is admittedly small. But for the most vulnerable members of society (the elderly, the young and the chronically ill), it can be very serious and causes about 36, 000 deaths in the United States every year.

Third, for anyone looking for information about vaccines, I would be wary of Google search results. There is so much misinformation and pseudoscience floating around on the interwebs, I would suggest going directly to a reputable source like the CDC or the WHO (or the new medical wiki you talked about in a previous episode).

I know that as a group, we pediatricians can be nagging and excessively risk averse. But considering who our patients are, it’s hard not to beoverly protective.

Anyhow, thanks for putting on a great show and keep up the good work.

Jonathan the Pediatrician


Hey BOL crew + guest,

So you are all talking about twitter and how its used for news before
it gets picked up by “real news website/TV”
Well today here in the Netherlands an airplane crashed near the
biggest airport of our country.
A mid sided air craft crashed with 135 people on board, at this point
in time about 5 people died and about 10/15 are badly injured sadly
:( .
Well before the news really took off an eyewitness reported about the
crash via twitter and then the Dutch media picked it up and then
started to send out reporters and camera crews etc.
So in these times of twitter and media 24/7, twitter becoming the on
the scene source for news. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7909683.stm

Well I’l keep you posted if needed but for now this is the story as I
it know for now.

Have a nice day and keep up the great podcast.


The Netherlands