Buzz Out Loud 900: Jurassic bark

Today's show is full of zombies, Hollywood agents, hungry overeating robots and cloned dogs. What's not to love? We also find out a hidden truth about Natali that none of us suspected. It involves her ideal pet.

Today's show is full of zombies, Hollywood agents, hungry, overeating robots, and cloned dogs. What's not to love? We also find out a hidden truth about Natali that none of us suspected. It involves her ideal pet. In and among all that good stuff we'll even find time to talk about Net neutrality and ISP filtering. Word. (Thanks to Sam from Melbourne for today's podcast artwork!)

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Putin-Dell slap down at Davos

Google fans Net neutrality flames with Web measurement lab

COX to try coaxing the Internet into submission

For Obama, closed doors no match for Twitter

Gaming shows record sales, but the numbers hide a dark side

Yahoo Mail Classic gets SMS and IM

YouTube said to be near Hollywood deal

Major storage vendors agree to disk encryption standards

Wasabi DX modchip lets you hack the ‘unhackable’ Wii, dream the impossible dream

Smart robot capable of hunting for its own “food”

Family dog cloned, thanks to Dolly patents


Windows Mobile has handwriiting recognition

Hi Buzz Crew,

Engadget has a good article today detailing some of the patents that both Palm and Apple have, and illustrates that Palm may not have been the first to “steal” an idea after all. It lists several patents that Palm has that Apple seems to have blatantly violated.
Thanks, Love the show!

-Jim from Long Island


Hey Janatox,

I was going to let it slide when you guys starting spreading rumours and lies about the CERN Black holes in the latest few episodes, but what the listeners have been calling in with has been completely bogus. Faster than light? Travel through time? What are they talking about? First off, any black hole created in the LHC will disappear instantly, but if it doesn’t and decides to grow expontentially, it wouldn’t fall to the center of the earth - that would be assuming earth’s gravity would be stronger than the black hole’s, and that black holes fall like regular objects. What would happen would be that the earth would be ripped right out of it’s orbit, as the (more massive) black hole would become the center of mass, and earth would begin to rotate around it while still orbitting the sun. (Think of how the moon rotates around the earth). As a result, people on certain parts of the earth will feel a stronger gravitional pull before being ripped apart by tidal forces (i.e. being stretched apart) and the remaining people would feel lighter until they’re simply be flung into space, hurtling towards the great unknown to die by suffocation and overexposure to the cold of space.

Love the show, guys,
Orad the graduating physics student from Montreal.


Hey Buzzers,

I don’t know if I’m the first to do this but I have to “well, actually” myself. This class is for real, apparently. After sending my last email I got into a little back-and-forth with someone on Plurk who said he thought it was a real class, but taught by a student which is why I couldn’t find info on the professor.

I still didn’t believe it, so I figured I’d just send an email to the address listed on the syllabus found online.

Well color me wrong, because I got a message back, and it is a real class. First lecture is Thursday night, and the instructor is planning on posting it on youtube Saturday.



Greetings JANATO!

In episode 896 you discussed Russia and China’s development of Linux distro’s. Rafe brought up that one incentive for the development of a ‘National Operating System’ would be mistrust of a huge operating system (Windows), much less one out of a foreign company.

I just wanted to let you know that the U.S. Government is definitely not immune to this either. In fact, the NSA has their own Security Enhanced flavor of Linux. The best part? They are actually running it as an open source initiative. Information, source code, and free downloads of SELinux can be found at:

-Jake (the computer science student)


Hello Tom, Jason, and Part time others (and Molly)

Hey good luck with the 0.9k episode or is that 0.87 something if you’re not a Hard drive manufacturer….

Anyway, just a short email re: FANTASTIC wireless speeds in Australia.

Yes Tom I Agree “I Want” but “Can I Pay” - I’ll do you a deal, I’ll give you the fast wireless if you give me the SOOOOOOOO Cheap plans you have in the U.S.

Tom, you said maybe the “government” could put the infrastructure in place, well you are right, the reason we have this service is that the Government used to own the carrier, legislated that 90% of the population should have access to the network, which is great, but the cost means most of the public can’t afford to use much of it. the plans start at 400Mb that is MEGA bytes NOT GIGAbytes, so REALLY fast internet means REALLY fast excess charges……

Love the show, just a pain that BOL takes 25% of my monthly download at a roaring 64k download.

Bryan the connectivity Challenged


Hey guys + natali,

Would love if you could talk about this:

FYI eircom is the biggest irish isp.



Hell has frozen over! Well if not hell, then at least Western Kentucky. The “Winter Storm 2009″ has devastated much of Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. In the smallish town of Murray, KY, we’ve been without power and water going on 36 hours and are in for several days more of the same. Cell towers are down. Phone lines are out. This part of the world has come to a screeching halt. All, that is, except for Murray State University. Thanks to a disaster-ready infrastructure, our emergency power, telephones, and internet access are still up and running. State, city, and county police, along with emergency services have set up in the University’s Public Safety building for communication. The campus’ wireless network has made internet access available to the community. And thanks to Hulu and Netflix streaming, we’re not bored! My pregnant wife, 3-year-old son, and I have hunkered down in the IT center with the rest of the IS team to keep the systems up and communication going. The weather may be grim, and I may not have showered in 3 days, but at least my Facebook status is updated to reflect that information. :)

Drew Perry
Wireless Network Engineer
Murray State University


Hello Buzz crew!

I don’t know if you guys saw this but I thought it was pretty funny. (Still against the law… but funny.) A friend of mine posted this on Twitter and said I could share it with you guys.

Construction signs warn of zombies
Hackers change public safety message

(hollyhock in BOL chat)