Buzz Out Loud 898: Fail whale tale

Aye mateys, it is a tale sad and full of woe. It is about Natali Del Conte and the pictures she takes of the unsuspecting public. How will the proposed law to require a clicking-sound in phone cameras affect her? Badly, my friends. Badly.

Tom Merritt Former CNET executive editor
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Aye mateys, it is a tale sad and full of woe. It is about Natali Del Conte and the pictures she takes of the unsuspecting public. How will the proposed law to require a clicking-sound in phone cameras affect her? Badly, my friends. Badly. We also kick around the DTV transition some more and IE 8.
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Microsoft releases IE 8 browser

Senate passes bill to delay digital TV switch

New law will require camera phones to “click”

Apple awarded key iPhone multitouch patent

Xerox had sued Palm over patent infringement that started in 1997 and lasted 9 years

Kindle 2???

Boeing: We zapped a UAV with a laser

Book of Wikipedia on Wikipedia

YouTube users caught in Warner Music spat

Wii Channel for doctor advice

Guitar Hero as text adventure

Internet more of a necessity than TV

Josh in Salt lake
Is T-Mobile G1 a precursor to 3G in more cities

Greg in London
What’s this about a Gdrive?

Hi Buzz Crew, this is Chris from Michigan. I’ve been following this story about Fallout 3, and it seems the problem has more to do with a Downloadable Content exclusivity deal with Microsoft than a feud with Sony. The major issue stems from the fact that the game ends, and you must go back to a previous save to continue with any side missions. This is fixed with new DLC, but that happens to be exclusive. The end-game continuing feature may come in a later patch to the PS3 or the DLC may be only a timed exclusive, but PS3 owners still may get this at a later time. Check out this 1up story for details:

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Hi buzz!
Instead of earthquake or something to do with 3 miles. The black hole will cause the fabric of space to rotate with it because of its intense gravity field. This means that people/things around it could possibly fell into this “orbit” and reach faster than light speed! If they cannot stop they rotation, they could potentially travel back in time so far that they never existed.

See, not painful!

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I wanted to share this story, because I LOLed like both laughing and doing things out loud was going out of fashion.


To give America the background, The Sun is a mainstream, paid-for daily newspaper. As Paid Content points out, this “quality” paper, which features a naked girl every day on page three, has come out with headlines like “UP YOURS DELORS” (in reference to Jacques Delors) and “IT’S PADDY PANTSDOWN” (in reference to Paddy Ashdown, a British politician).

Incidentally, today’s headline is ‘CHEEKY STARS OGLE BIG BOOBS’.




Actually Saint-Petersburg calling

Just wanted to add 2 kopeks to your discussion regarding Russian National operation system in 896 podcast.

It’s only a project for now and president should decide whether to fund it or not. But many government structures already said that they would really want to have a system that they could control (in terms of development) because they have a lot of requirements (this system should be compatible with some Russian military hardware for instance) and that there is no system on the market that meets these requirements. That’s why they decided to launch such a project. Microsoft is also involved into these negotiations, but Microsoft think that we should “properly” integrate systems which are currently available on the market, so they don’t want to develop anything new, I think that with such opinion they will have to step out of this affair, because I doubt that Bill Gates ever knew something about Russian military systems

With respect to IT and Russian government at all. I think this will be interesting for you, because you like to discuss IT in Whitehouse. So here some fact about our president and Kremlin


First of all our president has a videoblog Видеоблог Дмитрия Медведева , they also added ability to add comments to president’s posts, they said that some comments and their authors were filtered but most of them are in the blog right now. We don’t know whether president will reply on some comments or not, but that’s still a huge step for our president and his administration.

With respect to president’s PC:

1. looks like he likes Macbooks

2. But as a work PC he uses Windows XP and probably some super-secret military OS. Isn’t it difficult to switch from aple to microsoft and then to this freaky device ? Probably because of that they want a National OS.

Love the show. Thanks.