Buzz Out Loud 889: Introducing the Palm Pepporoni

It's our last show from the CNET stage at CES 2009 in Las Vegas! We compare the battery charging solution for the Palm Pre to a smorgasbord of delicious food and end up hungry for pepperoni.

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
3 min read
It's our last show from the CNET stage at CES 2009 in Las Vegas! We compare the battery charging solution for the Palm Pre to a smorgasbord of delicious food and end up hungry for pepperoni. Also, Microsoft fumbles the Windows 7 beta release and Google Chrome gets a Mac and Linux deadline.
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Episode 889

Best of CES Awards

Web site problems as Windows 7 beta hits

Apple at CES? Unlikely

Chrome gets Mac deadline, extensions foundation

Nvidia 480-Core graphics card approaches 2 Teraflops

Palm Pre Touchstone eyes-on

Testing CrystalTalk

Dell Adamo

Setting ioSafe’s Solo on fire: The hottest blog ever!

Trojan found at torrent sites insists “downloading is wrong”

The Air Force’s rules of engagement for blogging

Hey JaMoTo +1.

I was listening to episode 888 and I was wondering why everyone is drooling over the Palm Pre. Didn’t we do the same thing when the Blackberry Storm was announced? We gave it so much praise until the time came for release. It was a failure. Are we certain this will be Palm’s savior or will the hype rise above what will really happen? Will the Pre truly be the device that brings Palm back or will it be lost and forgotten just as the Storm was?

Chris from Florida


Hey BOL team just wanted to pop in let you guys know orange julius has a brand spankin new drink called the blackberry storm haha included is a pic i took of the ad and a link to the nutrition facts on the 2nd page of the pdf 3rd flavor down of the blackberry storm. I wonder which is slower trying to use the BB storm’s accelerometer feature or trying to get the drink through a straw? haha keep up the good work love the show! Jason Trambley

Jason T


Listening to episode 886. You guys were alking about the sling player
app for iPhone and whether Apple might accept it into the App Store
because it’ll steam video over 3g. I recently started using Orb Live
from the app store. This app works with the Orb client on your pc with
tv tuner at home and you can then stream your tv and any other media
to the iPhone app. Works well. Video quality is good enough over 3g.
So, there’s precedent for it. Hope I’m not jinxing anything by
bringing attention to Orb. Love the show!

Peter on the train in Chicago


Wow, it might not take long for Molly’s prediction to go true:

Seattle P-I up for sale; could go online-only

I agree with Molly that her prediction is bound to happen. I didn’t think it was going to happen to my local paper though! J

– Jiunwei