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Buzz Out Loud 888: Will the Pre Save Palm?

Palm releases a hot new phone and we ask ourselves if the Palm Pre is its saving grace or just destined for failure. Also, Ford trucks get remote PC access, and Lexus thinks it's a good idea to spam you while you are driving!

Palm releases a hot new phone and we ask ourselves if the Palm Pre is the company's saving grace or just destined for failure. Also, Ford trucks get remote PC access, and Lexus thinks it's a good idea to spam you while you are driving! What is this world coming to? Tekzilla's Veronica Belmont sits in with us on today's show!
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Palm announces WebOS platform and Pre phone

Obama recommends delay in digital TV switch

Google tunes up Chrome development

Ford trucks getting LogMeIn remote PC access

Echostar’s new DVR UI kills the number pad, long live the touch pad

Wireless networking vendors turn Wireless-N up a notch

SanDisk and Sony to expand Memory Stick PRO and Micro to 2TB

Lexus to start spamming car buyers in their cars

New BUGModules hands-on

Pogoplug hands-on

LimeWire mixing social networking, P2P

Scientists say “true love is forever”, romance…~15mths…

Hi Jamoto,
Thought your UK listeners may be interested in the app available below.
Developers website

iTunes Store link (Probably won’t work outside UK)

Not really interested myself as I think both SMS & MMS need to go away and be replaced by UNIFIED Instant messaging or email… probably just a pipe dream as the carriers make took much off these services to let them die. No doubt it will interest some listeners and may well pave the way for similar apps in other regions.

Love the show
Ross In Scotland


Admittedly I wasn’t watching the live stream, so if Tom said this tongue-in-cheek or with a wink and a nudge please disregard.

In show 887, Tom said that you might be able to buy DTV converter boxes on ebay for $50. Does this mean that Tom believes people who use ebay are so stupid that they would buy a $40 coupon for $50? Tom, do you think I could put a pair of $20 bills on ebay and get them stupid ebay users to bid $50 for them? How much do you think I could get from someone on craiglist? I think that a more realistic price for the coupons on ebay would be in the $10-$20 range. Just my two cents worth…
John from Reno


G'Day Buzz-Peeps,

I've recently started listening (since Crabs in a Bucket) and you guys are great. I spend 30-40 minutes every day on the bus and train on the way into work and I always listen to Buzz Out Loud and play Solitaire on my shiny new Samsung Omnia. In March, I'm leaving Australia for the first time to come to Microsoft's MIX conference in Las Vegas. I figured since you are (or have just been) there the place would be on your mind so: As a geek, what are the "must-see" attractions at Vegas? I already have the worlds brightest light on my list so what else do I need to see?

Keep up the great work and Tom, what should I be reading over at Sword and Laser?

Indiscriminate Information Sponge
Perth, Western Australia


Hey guys, Probably a million people have sent you this, but in the busyness of CES you may have missed that Monster Cable dropped that law suit against the Monster Mini Golf…


Love the Show!



Hey Buzz Crew,

I’ve been part of Molly’s “Tivo People” since the TivoCast started, but I just tuned into BOL for the first time in November. I keep wondering how I lived without it! My biggest CES wish came true: Palm is back! It was big enough for me to finally contribute something to BOL. The Pre is enough for me to pay the cancellation fee on the iPhone. I’ve been a long time Palm fan, but I dumped them for the iPhone because of their lack of innovation. I’m so glad they’re back with a bang and can’t wait to hear the Pre reviews in the months to come. Anyone else feeling it?

Thanks for all you do,


you’re not crazy molly - it really is a product:


Andy Beach
random BOL’r
Video Geek