Buzz Out Loud 865: Solidarity, my ape-hands brother

Tom and Jason have an ape-like bonding moment on today's show, Brian Tong calls "bull" on rumors of a $99 iPhone 3G, we find out that Google went right up against the DOJ deadline before it finally yelled "chicken" and walked away from its ad deal with Ya

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
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Molly Wood
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Tom and Jason have an ape-like bonding moment on today's show; Brian Tong calls "bull" on rumors of a $99 iPhone 3G; we find out that Google went right up against the DOJ deadline before it finally yelled "chicken" and walked away from its ad deal with Yahoo; Apple raises an awesome conspiracy theory in its Psystar lawsuit; and Monster Cable can just go straight to you-know-where.
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Smartphone numbers are in: iPhone sales exceed Windows Mobile sales for first time

Recharge your cell phone by talking into it

Google was 3 hours away from DOJ Antitrust Charges

Firefox users targeted by rare piece of malware

Apple to sell a $99 4GB iPhone at Wal-Mart?

World’s second Android phone now on presale

Report: Comcast usage monitor coming in January

Apple believes someone is behind Psystar

Monster Cable sues Monster Minigolf

Doctor performs amputation by text message

Voice mail
Alex: Facebook phishing?

Morning JoMoTo
A Buxx card uses real money. It’s a preloaded credit card designed for
teens so that they have a card to use but can’t run up a big bill. Both of
my kids have them and it teaches them how to keep track of spending,
budgets, etc.
Love the show

Dr. Mom from Twitter


The final version of the Double BOL BINGO- with full descriptions and proper names.

I’d have to say this was quite fun- though frustrating to a level of ridiculous at moments. Taking a hard look at what technologies actually have impact and presence and how people use said technology kept me interested throughout. Also: Finding a Segway outside of its protected preserves is very unlikely. Though the number of Kindle+Segway combos are probably much higher in number than Kindle+BlackBerry Storm combos.


David in Provo (TrojanBee)


Hey Buzz Crew,

As soon as I heard that I could win Cnet stickers on the live stream, I ran off. One of the only places you will ever see segways in Tarpon Springs, Florida is Fred Howard Park Beach. After about an hour of running throughout the beach, I found a nice little pack of segwayers. I then ran to the main center of Tarpon into many of it’s coffee shops, I found an Asus eee PC, though I’m not sure of the model. Admitably, the Zune and the GPS were those of my neighbors.


Please excuse the HORRIBLE quality as I took them with my phone. Due to my limited texting privaleges, was force to take a picture of a picture.

-Chris from Florida
-AKA PacGamer


Hey Tom, Molly, Jason & Random Host,
I had just finished listening to Slashdot Review's daily podcast dated 3 Dec 08, "SDR2008-12-03", and I am seriously traumatized!!! They talk about a doctor, funded, by DARPA, who is working on re-animating the dead. You'll have to listen to the episode but this totally frightening to me. It's like a zombie movie in the making. DARPA is funding this so soldiers on the battle field can be quickly put into suspended animation so they won't die. What happens when it goes wrong? What happens when the re-animated creatures go awry? I am all for the advancement of science, but this is scary.
Love the show!!!
Kory - From Landstuhl Germany