Buzz Out Loud 864: Crabs in a bucket

In today's show, Molly gets a new favorite metaphor, Apple deletes the very thought that you should run antivirus on a Mac, .Tel gets our wallets at the ready, and poor widdle Windows' market share drops below 90 percent. The horror!

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
Molly Wood was an executive editor at CNET, author of the Molly Rants blog, and host of the tech show, Always On. When she's not enraging fanboys of all stripes, she can be found offering tech opinions on CBS and elsewhere, and offering opinions on everything else to anyone who will listen.
Molly Wood
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In today's show, Molly gets a new favorite metaphor, Apple deletes the very thought that you should run antivirus on a Mac, .Tel gets our wallets at the ready, and poor widdle Windows' market share drops below 90 percent. The horror!
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Apple deletes Mac antivirus suggestion

Twitter CEO: The revenue’s coming soon, but I won’t tell you how

.Tel them where to find you

Vista SP2: What's inside?

Windows 7 Beta 1 to arrive January 13?

Windows drops below 90 percent market share

Vlingo one-ups Google with a better voice-powered iPhone application

Logitech makes 1 billionth mouse

PayPal brings allowances into the 21st century

Scientists report mental ‘body-swapping’

BOL named an iTunes ‘Classic’

Shalin: Cooley loves space!

Hi Molly,

Hopefully the attachment won’t be a problem with security software on the CNET network but here’s the BOL Bingo card! Feel free to email back with items to swap, remove, and/or replace. Enjoy! :)


Holly in NYC

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Hello Buzztown.
In Episode 863, Commander Mark wondered if it would be possible to have the BOL podcast automatically emailed to him each day while he was on his 7 month "Navy cruise".

If buzztown isn't able to come up with a suitable automated method, I'd like to volunteer to email him the podcast manually each day. I'd like to do that as a small thank you for his service.

Feel free to pass my email along to Mark for this purpose.
MC Fisticuffs.

PS. I think you should add "somebody typing 'Brittney Spears' into a search engine" to in-the-wild Bingo.

Hey JaMoTo,

It’s amazing how Molly coined the term “net-box” and Brian came up with portable xbox 360, and suddenly there is one on engadget. It is awesome how BOL pushes technology along. They should keep this moving along and create a netbook + net-box, but then I guess it would just be a super battery draining, overheating, carpal tunnel inducing netbook with an enormous power supply that sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Oh well, I guess we have some more hurdles to jump before we get to this point.


Love the show,
Brendon the Food Scientist

As a loyal user and fan of the iPhone from day one, I always enjoyed
your talks about it and didn’t fully understand the hate until all the
twitter talk got to me today.

Understand it’s the popular thing and you have to talk about it. You
won’t lose me as a listener, but could we get a AIM chaser or
something?!? Maybe a cool jingle too???

The Nuclear Engineer

Hi BOL -

Here’s what I see in the wild every day — BOOKS! Books. They’re not just for geeks anymore. (Note jeans tucked into boots.)


I just listened to Tuesday’s show where you mentioned that Apple store employees do not suggest antivirus software. When I worked for Apple tech support it was considered a fireable offense to flat out say “Macs can get viruses.” In stead we were told do dance around it and say something along the lines of “while it is certainly possible for viruses to be written for a mac, you only need to worry about antivirus software if you have windows installed.”

Ian from Saskatoon

Hey Molly,
I am writing regarding an incorrect quote in your write up for today's Buzz Out Load, the link to DVR commercial skipping: 50 or 97 percent? Depends on who you ask.
The original article for Ars Technica "DVR commercial skipping: 50% or 97%? Depends on whom you ask" incorrectly quotes Garth Ancier saying "a full 97 percent of them are skipping the ads." The correct quote is "We've seen more like 30% of people watching our commercials on DVR," (not 3%) The quote was taken from a Q&A session for Garth Ancier's keynote speech at the Future of Television conference.
Can you please make the correction in your article?
I have spoken with the Ars Technica journalist, it was a simple mistake in notes, he is making the correction as well.
For reference, here is an article from Multichannel News covering Garth Ancier's keynote speech which has the correct percentage:

Thank you for your help,