Buzz Out Loud 858: Opportunistic Net-connecting Deer

So we talked about a lot of serious news today including the Justin.TV suicide, the new Google wiki search and the unauthorized access of Barack Obama's Verizon calling records. But really, Rafe's description of net-connected Deer is what I'll remember a

So we talked about a lot of serious news today including the suicide, the new Google wiki search, and the unauthorized access of Barack Obama's Verizon calling records. But really, Rafe's description of Net-connected Deer is what I'll remember about this episode. How about you?

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19-year-old Commits Suicide on

SearchWiki: Make search your own

Report: Obama’s cell records improperly accessed

Apple releases the iPhone 2.2 update. It's a big one

Astronauts ‘drop’ space tool bag

Water ice glaciers spotted on Mars

New Internet goes to space, comes back to Earth

DVD sales down; Blu-ray's missing its mark: What's Hollywood to do?

Economy takes bite out of CES

Online quiz tests phishing knowledge

YouTube tests out high quality, stereo surround videos
How to do it:

Guitar Hero fake awesome video


Chace from Maryland - On the suicide story.

Steve from Cupertino - GSM BlackBerry


Loved the Star Trek TNG / Data references in yesterday’s podcast. I just had to tell you, since you seem to enjoy about your listeners jobs so much, that I am a Data Production Specialist, which means my boss calls me Dr. Soongh.

(Actually, the company I work for does some pretty cool stuff with robotics, but not quite to the android level yet–check out the website.)

Love the show,


I reply about you commenting on MMS yesterday. I am getting an iPhone around Christmas this year and I did know about the lack of MMS but you just reminded me. Many of my friends are on a no data, or pre-paid plan for their phone. Now if I have an iPhone and want to send a picture to them they are kinda stuck! How can they check e-mail from their phone to see my picture? Is there some kind of redirecting service maybe? So it is pretty bad both ways. If someone sends me an MMS I have to go to weird page thing. And if I send them a picture over e-mail they have to find an internet connection somewhere.

Also, just to let you know that I created some icons for CNET and BOL users (like me) that I have uploaded here:

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Jono from Australia
(or skitterrusty in the forums)

I think you may have talked about this in the past. Baen books has several complete books available on-line for free at You can read them on line, or download a copy or load it on an e-book reader. The idea here is that you can read a book by an author you do not know, and will then be happy to pay for more books by This is the same benefit game companies get from used games. I think the software companies should learn from this and stop worrying about used games. Used book stores have not put book publishers out of business, and they have been around a lot longer then video games.

Columbus Oh

Hey jamoto + probably cooley,

I am in Nashville for a company annual meeting and, while chatting at
the hotel bar, I glanced over to a very professional looking gentleman
sitting and surfing on a Netbook. I’m not completely knowledgeable on
models, but it looked like dell’s new 11 inch model.

I guess they are emerging after all!

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Damon the radiotherapy service engineer

Rick the Tennessee country lawyer here. Regarding the 2rd life divorce on 854. Internet marital misbehavior has become an all too common ground for divorce these days so the story is not surprising.

I have to say the Microsoft financing story made me think that Microsoft will have an “associate” named Gudio who will spend his time repoing software over the Internet . “first we will start with Power Point.”"Ya don’t pay then we will take your Exchange mailboxes”" One by one.”
Love the show.