Buzz Out Loud 840: A box of evil

Hey, this sounds like a good idea! Create an artificial intelligence that's the incarnation of pure evil and immorality. You know, just to "study" it. It'll never get out. (Ugh.)

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
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Molly Wood
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Hey, this sounds like a good idea! Create an artificial intelligence that's the incarnation of pure evil and immorality. You know, just to "study" it. It'll never get out. (Ugh.) So, that's happening today, along with Microsoft's announcement of its cloud OS, Azure; Chevy determines that hybrid SUVs won't make money no matter how you build them, and Wired tries to say the DMCA has been a good thing. Oh, and in addition to Oprah, Molly likes Martha.

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Microsoft's Azure cloud platform: A guide for the perplexed

Authors, publishers, and Google reach landmark settlement

Chrysler gives up on hybrid-powered SUV’s

Ford offers RFID system to make sure all your stuff is in your truck

10 years later, misunderstood DMCA is the law that saved the Web

AOL tightening belt, to kill off three more products

Darkstrand lights up LambdaRail for commercial use

Laptop shipments exceed desktops in U.S. for the not-exactly-first time

Martha Stewart’s company picks Pingg for invites

Lee from Boston: Netbooks!

A Netbook has to be priced below the excepted price of a “Cheap”
standard laptop (e.g., runs Vista and has a CD-ROM). Right now, that would be $800. (??)

It also needs to be small. Size should be comparable to the “ultra-mobile”. I.e., less than “12.

So, the market dictates the price, but the size it a fixed factor.

I made this up myself, so I’m pretty sure it’s right.

Ben, the sysadmin from MSP.



I was appalled to come across this article today--just when I thought we were safe (for a while anyway) because the LHC had broken down,

it seems a bunch of “genius” scientists (naturally) decided it would be a good idea to develop an AI program that brings “personified evil to virtual life”--on purpose no less!! They’ve given it a name and a face, talk to it daily, and it’s programmed to answer questions based on the principle of carrying out premeditated acts that are immoral and harmful to others. By some twisted logic, this is supposed to help them research human morality.


WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING!!! Could they have, at least, left out the premeditated part?? And what lunatic agreed to fund this project !!

Loved the show.

Bill in Dallas


I like the show Chuck on NBC. I hate the band Rush. I own a original Zune. I hate all things Apple. Last night, Morgan, Chuck’s buddy on the show, was asked by Chuck if the Buymart (Best Buy) had any Rush music for sale. Morgan exclaimed that he had rush on his Zune. Chuck acted perplexed by Morgan’s statement. Morgan quickly rehashed his statement, claiming that he really owned an iPod, not a Zune. At first I was giddy on the Zune statement, but I did laugh at Morgan’s rehash. P.S. the old Grand Dad (Bad Santa’s favorite) justifies my grammar. Been listening since about 720 .


Hey guys,

I’m currently one month into my four month round-the-world trip, and I’ve
got to say that at all the hostels I’m staying at, everyone is using
Netbooks, mostly eeepc’s. I, myself, am using an MSI Wind. It’s great
for e-mailing home, updating my blog and checking Facebook, not to
mention watching movies on the train and downloading podcasts.
Netbooks are a backpackers best friend.

Cheers Doug the (British) backpacker.

P.S. Tom, I made it to the CNET building and tried the coffee from Chatz. It was, indeed, a great cup of coffee. See here for proof.


As an FIOS customer, you can absolutely just get a splitter and run it to a TV. However, the TV must be able to receive QAM channels (which every new TV I’ve seen does). For those with older TVs, Verizon offers free Digital Converter boxes to be able to receive the Clear QAM channels on an analog television. With both ways, only basic channels are viewable. These are mostly the same channels available over the air and the channels I most watch anyway. If you want all the premium encrypted channels, your only options are to shell out the cash for a set top box or cable card.

Love the show,
Brian from New York


With the conversation on divided attention and multiple tabs, I find that I have developed tabnesia. Tabnesia is when you look at the tab that you opened sometime ago with no idea why you were at that Web site. Spread the meme. Love the show.



I can confirm Molly’s thoughts on the “copyright law” excuse for not accepting opened media returns. It is a business decision that they are attempting to deflect the responsibility for implementing.

Chris the attorney in DC

P.S. I tried to be short and sweet on this one, because when I attempted to use hyperbole to make a point regarding Netbooks in my last e-mail, you guys gave me such a hard time that I didn’t get out of bed for a week due to the pain inflicted on my self-esteem. But at least I had my eee pc to surf to self-help sites with…


Based on your report, I rushed home from my dog walking, during which I always listen to BOL, to access my Netflix account to Watch Instantly a movie on my Mac. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on the Netflix site that allowed anything but a PC. I called Netflix and Sebastian said that it’s only available on a closed beta for Intel Mac’s that they won’t add anyone to. He repeated what they have been telling me for months now: “It will be generally available ’soon,’ before the end of the year.” Bummer!

Love the show.

Still waiting,

Dublin, Ohio