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Buzz Out Loud 818: The Zipless Squirt

It's an "in the wild" sort of show today: love on the bus, Zune-style; a Tesla in the wild; an anecdotal Netbook in the wild; and wild assumptions and paranoia about Internet tracking ensue as Rafe Needleman returns to BOL.

It's an "in the wild" sort of show today: love on the bus, Zune-style; a Tesla in the wild; an anecdotal Netbook in the wild; and wild assumptions and paranoia about Internet tracking ensue as Rafe Needleman returns to BOL. Also, the birdman flies over the Channel. Awesome.
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Jack Thompson Disbarred

AT& T, Verizon to refrain from tracking users online

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College bookstores turn to kiosks to stem e-textbook tide

Neuros open set-top box lets you crowd-subtitle the presidential debate

Election season comes to Twitter

Jet man Yves Rossy soars into record books with solo flight over Channel

Rogue Tess: I love my Netbook

Justin: about the boot


Hey Buzzards!

I may not be the first, but I wanted to direct your attention to an article in the Telegraph UK about how iTunes is in trouble. This ties directly back to your discussion on how Kid Rock didn’t want to sell his album on iTunes because it was a “concept album” (I cannot help but laugh every time I hear that). The only concept I’m seeing is that they want to sell us the whole album and not just the songs we like. AC/DC wants to sell only the entire album because blah-blah-blah, one song doesn’t represent who they are right now. Sure, fine, whatever, don’t give me any lines about art--this is all about commerce and selling the more expensive album and not the single. Radio and MTV seem to have done very well just playing one song off these albums for years.

What really got me was the first sentence of the last paragraph, “In the future we will all receive our music under a subscription model.” Like this is some forgone freakin’ conclusion? I’m thinking, ummmm NO! I like to own my music, as I know most of your listeners and the rest of the world do (not withstanding DRM, which is experiencing its death rattle’s as we speak). How many subscription models have we seen come and go? This line just blew me away.

Anyway thanks for reading,

Steve in Atlanta
Listener since the 200’s

P.S. Change is good!


I finally saw my first one. The Aussie that owns this one was very gracious with his time in talking about. This thing is dead silent. Sorry about the bad pic, camera phone after all.

Tom the cube monkey
Boulder, Colo.


Hey Buzz Crew-

Well, I’m a little behind again on the podcast, but in ep. 816 you got discussing narcissism and Tom Merritt believed everything is about him. Well, I believe it. I mean, I hear all the time Tom Merritt in my ears and I get e-mails for Tom Merritt, I write papers for publication and the lead author ends up being Tom Merritt (OK, officially, Thomas Merritt). I mean, in my life Tom Merritt is the most common name on my regular mail, too. And when I first signed onto twitter my posts were listed by Tom Merritt and then I get tweets from Tom Merritt. And I got followers for Tom Merritt (poor fools). So, Tom Merritt is right, my world is filled with Tom Merritt.

Have a good one!
Tom Merritt


Solar power + the Amish = sign of impeding …
Wake up call to the rest of us who are suddenly freakishly behind in technology of the Amish.

Here’s the original story:

Sheala, Ga.


So, I’m on my morning bus commute this morning, watching Mythbusters I recorded last night on Vista Media Center on my Zune, and a dialog box pops up. Something like “Someone is sending you a file. Do you wish to accept?”. Being the curious and naive person that I am, I accept. It ends up being “Who are You?” by The Who. The woman beside me on the bus nudges me, holding up HER Zune. I soon realize, I’ve just been squirted!!! I quickly respond back with “Do you think I’m sexy?” by Revolting Cocks. Her next squirt was “Good Girls Don’t” by The Knack.

We exchanged “gamertags”, and I’m hoping to chat some more with my new “squirting” friend.

Just though you might enjoy my strange bus ride story.

See you this afternoon in the chat room;

Paul (alamode) Cyopick

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

BTW, neither of us owns a Kindle or a Segway.