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Buzz Out Loud 813: Gonads: It's a science word

Quit laughing. This is serious business, related to cell phone radiation and sperm motility and viability. Also today, we talk about the new, NEW Microsoft ads (again), EA backtracking on its unpopular decision and Mark Zuckerberg sticking with his, and m

Quit laughing. This is serious business, related to cell phone radiation and sperm motility and viability. Also today, we talk about the new, NEW Microsoft ads (again), EA backtracking on its unpopular decision and Mark Zuckerberg sticking with his, and whether weather will make a difference in PlayStation 3 sales. Our bet: no. With guest host Jeff Bakalar!
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New Microsoft Commercials Are Live

EA Relaxes Rules on Installing ‘Spore’

Zuckerberg: ‘Change can be difficult,’ but the redesign stays

PlayStation 3 gets weather, Google News, and other Web goodies

Study claims cell phones can affect sperm quality

Large Hadron Collider downed by faulty transformer

Social engineering cracked Palin’s e-mail account

Report: Voting problems in several swing states

eBay looking to unload StumbleUpon?

Voice Mail
Trish: Land lines and emergencies


Hey, guys,

After listening to you talking about what you have as your homepage, I just thought I'd make a suggestion. A site called Alltop.com which is the only homepage you will ever need! It summarizes every story of the day about one of the topics you choose on one page. For example if your interested in the iphone, go to iphone.alltop.com and it summarizes all recent stories/ articles about the iphone from sites like macrumours.com

Hope that helps...Jason!



Dear B.O.L. crew,

I could not believe my ears last night when I was listening to you talk about what you use for a home page. I personally use Symbaloo.com for mine. This site lets you create a custom page that links to your most common sites. And Jason, it even lets you read RSS feeds on the page to. I could not believe you guys hadn’t heard of this thing. I have been using it for 2 years and love it.

Loving B.O.L,
Josh from Indiana


Hey, I thought of a solution for the Google Streetview privacy issue…
The Google Streetview vehicle should drive slowly and play music like the ice cream truck so people could run out and wave or dive into the bushes.

Love the show



FYI, BOL crew -

Just got this e-mail.

Looks like Chrome will not be adopted by large companies for the time being.

Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 4:29 PM

Subject: URGENT: Google Chrome Browser Vulnerabilities - Serious Security Risk
Importance: High

To TXU Energy and CGE Personnel with Google Chrome Browser Installed:

In early September, Google release the beta version of its new browser named Chrome. The CGE Data Security group has requested a Group Policy block of the install or execution of Google’s Chrome browser due to serious vulnerabilities that exist in this product (see links below). These vulnerabilities allow both denial of service attacks and remote control, and the exploit code for the remote control vulnerability is already available on the internet. The CGE DSM Team agrees with the Data Security team's recommendation that this is a serious security risk.

29 EFH Network Users already have Google Chrome installed, and you have been identified as one of these users. If you have a legitimate business reason for testing with this new browser please send both myself and Jeff Westerheide (See cc list for e-mail link) your business justification for review. CGE Websense is currently blocking the download site from Google. CGE Change Record CHMN00004653718 has been submitted for implementing the Group Policy block, and that change is scheduled for Friday, Sept 26, 2008, at 9 AM. That allows you one week to respond to this e-mail.

Google Chrome vulnerabilities starting to pile up

More Google Chrome Vulnerabilities emerge

In the meantime, IT Security is requesting that you uninstall the Google Chrome browser from your workstation to protect you and the EFH network from existing malware threats.

If you have trouble uninstalling Chrome due to a message about that function being prohibited by the Administrator, run the following EXE to accomplish the uninstall. Let me know if this fails to work for you for any reason:


Manager, CARE System Operations


Hi there, JaMoTo (and special guest)

I just have a really dumb question for the Twitter engineers. Why are they spending time and resources on a redesign of Twitter when IM and Tracking still don’t work? Seriously, that’s just dumb. Fix your features, then change your image if you’d like. Don’t add features, don’t redesign, don’t do anything until you fix the bugs you have.

Just my 2 cents, as a Web designer and programmer. As an aside, this is what happens with the Agile Development Paradigm if you aren’t careful. It’s all about moving changes out the door. I’ve signed the Agile Manifesto, and I believe in Agile Development, but it’s not the end all and be all of programming. No paradigm is. You shouldn’t move on until the bugs are fixed.

Joe AKA dOgBOi