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Buzz Out Loud 798: There is no poop, so leave the diamonds alone

It's a tortured analogy sort of day, including some confusing stuff about water and water bottles and then a whole long thing about a sandbox, poop, and dirty diamonds. You'll love it.

It's a tortured analogy sort of day, including some confusing stuff about water and water bottles and then a whole long thing about a sandbox, poop, and dirty diamonds. You'll love it. In the actual news today, the IE8 beta arrives (has it solved the malicious cross-scripting problem!?), and several judges seem to have actually visited the Internet. And so did Aaron Sorkin! And he liked it!
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IE 8 beta gives other browsers a run for their money

State cannot force removal of SSNs from privacy advocate’s site

Music labels rethink iTunes, again; same old gripe of album vs singles

“Galactica” proves the ratings system is dead

Veoh defeats copyright infringement lawsuit

YouTube finally figures out how to make money: Big ads on its home page

Report: AT&T source explains exact technical details of iPhone 3G problems - Thanks Jay!

Why can’t they fix the Flash/Firefox bug?

Aaron Sorkin creates Facebook page, writing Facebook movie

Hackers prepare supermarket sweep

Man’s ‘pants’ password is changed

Voice mail

Josh in Denver
Hydrogen-powered cars.

Anonymous Analyst
Made a site.


Hey BOL Crew,
I think that Psystar’s counter-suit against Apple, saying that they
violated anti-trust laws, is completely bogus. It’s as if someone were
to sue Dasani saying that they are violating anti-trust laws by
packaging water in the specific Dasani bottle. Now, if the consumer
wants to put the water from the Dasani bottle into their own - they
can. Just like the OSx86 project. Now, if you were to sell Dasani
water in your own bottle, it’s obvious that you are ripping of Dasani.
It’s the same situation with Apple v Psystar. If Psystar wins, it’s
like allowing the common people to make Apple’s company decisions.



Hey Guys,

On 797, you briefly mentioned the use of the letter “Y” and how it
began with Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

I’m a little confused… Are you saying that shows didn’t commonly
exist prior to Buffy with “Y”s at the end, or that “Buffy” was
originally “Buff The Vampire Slayer,” but they added the “Y” to give
it the secret Whedon sauce of success?

It sounded like there was a reasoning behind the “Y” but you didn’t
really explain. Please do.

St. Louis, Mo.

P.S. Was Molly originally “Moll” before the “Y” craze?


Hey hey TMJ,

I’m fully not expecting this to be on the podcast tomorrow, but wanted to share my fangirl love for you guys. At 3 different points in podcast 797 I was talking back to you guys while driving home from work!

1. Hey Tom, #800 won’t be on Monday, but on Tuesday, unless you guys are podcasting on Labor Day :)
2. Hey Molly, answering the phone in Japanese isn’t “konichiwa” (although that is technically “hello”), but “moshi moshi”. As a japanophile, I thought you’d know that one! :)
3. Hey Jason, when you asked “are you ready for some soft rock!” I was waiting for Johnathan Coulton’s “Soft Rocked by Me” from his Thing a Week collection:

PS Jason, how’s your DirecTV?

Love you guys!
Amy in the East Bay


Hey Buzz Crew,
I was just listening to episode #797 , and the near Molly rant about
Apple pulling apps form the App Store made me fire up the old
Powerbook, put the baby in the swing and give you my two cents. The
way I see it is that Apple built the sandbox, ordered the sand, and
even made sure the dumb truck did not wreck their yard. Now all they
are trying to do is get the cat poop out the it. I guess what I’m
trying to say is that I dont see any difference between Apple pulling
apps, for what ever reason, even for no reason at all. And those signs
you see that every mom and pop restaurant that state ” We reserve the
right refuse service to anyone”. Is Apple being a tool do doing this,
yes? But its still their sandbox.

Love the show,
Never seen a kindle in the wild,

Mark-o from Portland