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Buzz Out Loud 794: Molly bites her cheek

In today's show, Brian Tong fills in for Tom Merritt, Molly chews on the inside of her cheek to a painful (and accidental) degree, and we actually do talk about some tech news.

In today's show, Brian Tong fills in for Tom Merritt, Molly chews on the inside of her cheek to a painful (and accidental) degree, and we actually do talk about some tech news. Like the possibility of actors in line at Orange Poland to drum up iPhone 3G interest, streaming baseball, voting machines, and Facebook's increasingly targeted ads.
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Orange Poland shops allegedly creating fake iPhone 3G queues

Verizon, Google kiss and make up for search deal, but where’s Android?

Verizon zapped: Must inspect every N.Y. FiOS installation for unsafe

AT&T ConnecTech: we can out-geek-squad the Geek Squad

ESPN-MLBAM: Skipper: ‘just needed a new deal’, Bowman: Local Live
steaming ‘when time Is Right’

Baseball’s Web CEO: Sorry fans, no local streaming

Xbox and Rock the Vote partner to get gamers to the polls

Diebold admits Ohio machines may lose votes

DVD will fail? Sounds a lot like Blu-ray

Voice mail

iPhone and e-wallet

Seinfeld is a traitor!


How the MPAA ruined jury duty for me
Hey buzz crew -

This week I have the “honor” of serving my fellow citizens as supreme
judge and executioner of their fate.

In the past, while waiting to send someone to spend the rest of their
life in the loving hands of their cell mate Duke, we got to watch a DVD
brought in by one of our faithful civic employees.

This year apparently , the MPAA, required that they cease and desist
this practise. Can you believe that!!

So now instead of killing time watching “Muppets take Manhatten” I have
to sit idly, occaisionally reminding sir sits too close what personal
space means… Ugh

Love the show.
Stephen (Darthweef in the chat)


Hey Buzz Crew,
In episode 793 you discussed Facebook’s new advertising system
and made a joke about how it doesn’t refer to wedding bells style
engagement. I must say, that joke hit almost uncomfortably close to
home. Many times, my amazing girlfriend of a year and a half has
received targeted Facbook ads for diamond rings, and she has mentioned
them to me upon occasion. While I’m not opposed to engagement, it’s not
in my immediate plans. I am starting to fear Facebook’s continued and
more specific targeting.

Erik, the former MBA student who needs a job (anybody have one for me?)


Hey Buzz Crew,

I’m excited to have my first well actually. I know its Harry Potter
related and not really technologically based, but Molly is right. I
have a relative who has worked on all the previous Harry Potter films
and is in production on the newest movie. They had an emergency meeting
recently to discuss moving the next Harry Potter movie back to Summer
‘09. The reasoning is that because of the writer’s strike they had a
huge gap in content next summer, which will be filled by Harry Potter
(insert Equis jokes here).

Love the show!


Hey Tom Molly Jason and maybe Albert or who evers there

On Episode 792 you guys talked about Muxtape being shutdown by the RIAA
because they didn’t pay royalty fees to allow users to upload music and
stream it to friends .So does this mean that the RIAA can also shutdown
Pownce because Pownce allows user to upload files like mp3’s; and in a
way stream them to friends. i don’t think Kevin Rose pays royalty
fees. I hope they don’t shutdown Pownce. Whats our take.

Example of Pownce mp3 upload

Love the Show

Leo S.


Dear Tom ‘n Jolly (and Albert?),

Please import Wil Harris and make him a permanent part of the show.

Greatly appreciated,