Buzz Out Loud 778: Google, get off my lawn!

Accordingn to Google, there's no such thing as complete privacy. And while we tend to agree, we don't necessarily think that should mean Google can drive up into the driveway, take pictures of the inside of our houses, and put them on the Internet.

According to Google, there's no such thing as complete privacy. And while we tend to agree, we don't necessarily think that should mean Google can drive up into the driveway, take pictures of the inside of our houses, and put them on the Internet. Maybe we're just not all on the same page. Also, new Mac notebooks and iPods are likely coming soon, along with, but not related to, a new Internet.

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AT&T could cut off P2P users

Google: No such thing as complete privacy

LG Blu-ray box to stream video from Netflix

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More on Chinese Internet control.

Unique copyright issue.


In episode 777, Molly stated that Silverlight only works with Vista. In fact versions ( are available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and even the Mac, so unless you happen to be working somewhere that's still using NT4 it's simply a question of whether you can install it.

There is also a compatible plug-in available from the Mono Project called Moonlight ( for Linux, though you currently need to build from source for media playback support and 2.0 support is only at the prealpha stage.

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James Hudson

Hey guys,

In episode 776, there was a voice mail about driving slower to save gas. There are a couple of points I would like to make. First, yes it does save gas. I don’t think there is any debate about that, but to have fun I created a special calculator. If you drive slower, you save gas but it also takes longer to get to work. Time that you could have spent working. So, you can’t drive 35 mph and get the best fuel efficiency. My calculator - determines the optimal speed that would cost the least amount of money in gas and time lost at work. All the details of the calculation can be found somewhere on that page also. If you are driving a prius and you make $1,000 an hour, it might give you an optimal speed of 90 mph--DON’T really go that fast, it’s illegal.

Second point. I started driving slower than the speed limit, and I really like it. I never feel like I am competing with traffic and I never have to pass anyone. Rarely do I have someone zoom up behind me. Maybe this is completely different in LA (not Louisiana, which is where I am).

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My 4GB (yeah, I know - SUCKER!) iPhone just filled up its entire memory--which, apparently, causes problems such as when people call me the damn thing doesn’t ring anymore.

So, I decided that I would go ahead and upgrade to the 3G phone. I went to the Apple Web site and used their nifty “find a store” utility. Turns out that there isn’t an Apple Web store real close to me--but there is an AT&T store within a couple of miles.

So I called them (the local store--during operating hours) to see if they actually have the new iPhone in stock. The automated operator gave me three options--none of which really matched “Do you have the new iPhone in stock?”--so I tried them all.

EVERY single one of them told me to hang up and call a different number! I mean, seriously, really? Really? You’re AT&FreakingT! You can’t manage your network to the point where I could press 1 or maybe 3 or, better yet, 8 (but, clearly you don’t want to give me 8 options--slackers!) to talk to someone in the GD store that could answer my fairly simple question?

So now I am trying to decide if I should remove my "Dr. Horrible" videos so that my phone will actually ring--not cool.

Still anonymous,
It’ll be a while until FireWire dies, from 400MB now 800MB and 3.2GB is coming soon.

FireWire is a superior technology to USB but it’s only disadvantage is the price.

Best regards


Checking my isp’s speed this morning (14.1Mbps down! 1.2Mbps up, Cox) and came across this:

Poor dude…

Love the show,
rt, San Diego, Calif.

Hey Tom Molly Jason,

I just wanted to stick up for my industry a bit and give a friendly “well actually”. In episode 773 or 774 (can’t quite remember) Molly mentioned California’s “Bluetooth headset law.” While I’m not a complainer/nitpicker by nature I felt I had to write in to clarify. The fact is that California has a hands-free law, not a Bluetooth headset law. While the difference may seem trivial, I work for a company that lives on, and is helping to define this distinction. Many people perceive Bluetooth headsets to be the only option for talking hands-free. However, the fact is that there are many options which are easier to use, more comfortable, and by-far more stylish than an uncomfortable little thing clamped onto your ear. Installed Bluetooth car kits and portable Bluetooth speakerphones are just two of the several options for people who want a premium option to Bluetooth headsets. Without asking for free-advertising by saying my company’s name, I would appreciate it if you could mention this difference. It is difficult enough for companies like mine to combat the perception that “Bluetooth means headset” and in the interest of marketplace competition please just realize that laws like California’s do not leave consumers with a single option.

Thanks and love the show.
~Chad from Michigan

P.S. *personal interest only* If you are interested in a review of one of my company’s products check out this CNET Review: