Buzz Out Loud 753: RIAA killed the radio star

OK, now this is weird: the music industry is trying to undermine the way the music industry distributes and promotes music and has always distributed and promoted music. They're calling radio piracy. What has the world come to?

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
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Molly Wood
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OK, now this is weird: the music industry is trying to undermine the way the music industry distributes and promotes music and has always distributed and promoted music. They're calling radio piracy. What has the world come to? Also, RIM totally biffs it with the BlackBerry Bold; hackers crack the London Tube and ride around for free; and Microsoft sets a date for Windows 7. Somebody reserve the church.
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Episode 753

Internet provider halts plan to track, sell users’ surfing data

RIAA declares that AM-FM radio is a ‘kind of piracy’ (thanks Mark!)

American Airlines’ Wi-Fi debuts tomorrow; Glenn Fleishman’s analysis

BlackBerry Bold delayed on AT&T until at least mid-August!

Hackers crack London Tube’s ticketing system

Two trojans For Mac OS X

Real-world Firefox 3 memory usage leads the field

No XP reprieve; Windows 7 release set

Clueless video game bill nears passage in New York

Twitter officially announces its funding; Jeff Bezos participates

Vint Cerf: Video streaming to give way to downloading

Voice mail

Tom Cincy
Our pain makes him feel better

Joe Westside
Maybe we should just forget keyboards on smart phones


Hey Buzz Out Loud

In episode 752 I was a bit surprised by the mention regarding the
Lounge Forum discussion on Microsoft not fighting back against
Apple’s ads. It is a great discussion, but Microsoft is definitely
coming back at them with a vengeance, albeit very late in the game.
Check out the cover of Fast Company June 2008. They hired ad firm
Crispin Porter+Bogusky. For those that arent wise to the marketing
world, this is the agency responsible for the Subservient Chicken
site among other very notable campaigns. According to the article we
will start to see Microsofts response in July.

An interesting nugget from the article is that Crispin is outspoken
in not forcing the firm to convert to Windows. They will continue to
use Mac computers. From a marketing perspective, I would love to use
that in the next Apple commercial.

Lastly, show mercy. I have only been listening for about a month, but
Ive become quickly obsessed. What is the “pigeons” all about? Im clueless.

Dominic Pannone
Austin, TX


Hey BOL crew I came across this link while browsing the web and thought you might get a kick out of it. The title really says it all, what if people bought cars like they did computers?


Thanks love the show,



Hi JaMoTo. Speaking as a geeky blind guy, the only 2 platforms that
have speech software on phones that I know of are symbian and windows
mobile and I ask you, which would you rather run on? Nokia have stepped
up and handed us a goldmine of possability for adaptive tech on mobile
phones. The only suitable comment can be,
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
recurring! I’m slapping a wicked air bass solo to selibrate. Oops,
don’t want to spill the coffee on the laptop. Be still my beeting heart.

This almost takes away the feer that one day soon, all phones and
tablets will have vertual keyboards making them as expensive plastic
bricks to the blind. At least Until decent voice recognission finally
comes along that is which will probably be round the same time as the
singularity going on current vox functionality trends. :-)

Danny the madly dancing down under blind bass teacher

Ps, sorry for the spelling. Thunderbird rocks but I can’t get the spell
check to work even though I need it like ISP’s need a kick in the but.


love - the - show