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Buzz Out Loud 740: iTunes bombing

How to get to the top of the iTunes podcast list--we think. We'll let you know Monday. Also, breaking news! Amazon goes down midshow! Was it something we said?

How to get to the top of the iTunes podcast list--we think. We'll let you know Monday. Also, breaking news! Amazon goes down midshow! Was it something we said? In other news, we attempt to solve issues of global hypercapitalism, the growth imperative, and their inevitable consumer-unfriendly consequences. Plus, we find out why you have to go through voicemail hell when you call customer support, and the answer makes us lose our ever-loving minds.
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Episode 740

ISP secretly added spy code To Web sessions, crashing browsers (Thanks Nate!)

Groups call for investigation of ISP ad targeting

Warner: OK, we admit, Pirate Bay cop was a little compromised

Google to let users test new Gmail features

Prediction: Apple's 3G iPhone will include a price drop

Apple 2.0 Microsoft packs 36 iPhone digs into one 7-paragraph letter

Is the Verizon-Alltel deal good for consumers?

How much do you hate that ad? Facebook wants to know

Quantum computing advance--diamonds are a qubit's best friend

Operation iScam

Rubik’s Cube algorithm cut again, down to 23 moves

Voice mail

Here’s an old phrase.

Dr. Rob
Free medical advice for Molly.


The original iPhone

So I was listening to Dialed In today and they were talking about the 3G
iPhone (no big surprise there), and they mentioned an article on Wired
that apparently talked about some of the expected specs of this new
incarnation of the Jesus phone. This piqued my interest, so I decided to
go look up the article. I went to and searched for iPhone (a
fairly reasonable search, I would assume), and the first result was an
unexpected article from 1995 talking about a new piece of software
called “Internet Phone” or “IPhone” for short, and how internet
telephony is the future and will kill the traditional phone system. The
thing that got me was on the first page talking about the “stringent
system requirements” which they list as ” a fast 486, 8 Mbytes of RAM, a
16-bit sound card, and a SLIP or PPP connection”. Below is a link to the
article. It is a bit long, but is an interesting read. With all of the
hype surrounding the 3G iPhone, I figured this would be a funny break
from the norm. Love the show!

-Ryan Rapp
Boise, Idaho


3g iPhone release date

I’ve just noticed that Apples WWDC(world wide developer conference)
should be starting exactly the time BOL is starting next Monday.
Perhaps you could put in some spare time for a live update every once in
a while. Possibly even think about starting BOL an hour or two late so
you can cover everything that happened, considering the anticipation for
the event (that will probably turn out to be nothing) is huge. Just an

Love the show,



Our robot overlords will have us seated

Good Friday morning to you all. I just found this on one of the blogs I
read and thought you’d enjoy it too.
It’s a project of a designer that combines tech into a library. Very
interesting, lets just hope we don’t get carried away, literally!
Take a look at the video, it’s worth it.

Nuno from CT (nthsquare in the chat room and forums)



Hey Buzz Crew,
After listening to the story about Installshield including the Yahoo
toolbar in their software I wanted to point out that the article does
say that the application developers who use Installshield have the
option of whether or not they want to include the toolbar in their setup
program. I would hope that most companies would not want to bloat their
setup files and tick off their customers by including the Yahoo toolbar.
Unless Yahoo is giving them an incentive to bundle it, I’m not sure why
they would.

Oh, and about the exploding DVD’s. If they really did explode I WOULD
pay $5 for them. If the movie sucked you would at least get the
satisfaction of watching it blow up! Heck, I might not even watch the
movie. I’ll just wait 48 hours for the finale.

Love the show!
Scott from Houston


Tracking study

I don’t have much of a problem with the tracking study; they were using
anonymized data and only had a resolution of 1 square mile which in any
urban or suburban area leaves a lot of leeway as to where you are. It
isn’t any more offensive to me than, say, Google releasing stats about
which web browsers and screen sizes from various countries. If either
the anonymization or the resolution of the project had changed I would
become concerned but in the way the study was conducted the method seems
innocent enough to me.



Corporate voice mail button-pushing tooliness

You know when you get told “this call may be recorded for quality
purposes”? I’m the chick who listens to those calls and watches what’s
on the customer service rep’s screen. My work is hilarious.

Although it won’t decrease the method’s TQ (Tooliness Quotient), here’s
why you have to call that specific number even when it routes you to the
same call center as all the other numbers, and to the same irritating
prompts for button pushing: marketing. They want to know what you think
you’re calling for, where you got your information, general demographic
stuff, and if you get a human being s/he will answer the phone based on
not only which buttons you picked but which line you called in on.
Hence Douglas Adams’ opinion of marketing departments.

Show the love. I mean….. well, you know.

Scottsdale, AZ


jDome’s first public test!

Loved that you featured me on the show (#726) - to bad I only found out
about it just now.

Seemed I did a little too good a job on this looking like a big company
(except for my English that is). Basically I’m just one guy who has made
all that you see in my basement and a friend videotaped me.

Well a lot of things has happened after the promo was launched (which
I’d love to tell you about if you interviewed me on the show ;-)

For one, Swedish Game Awards asked me to show off the jDome at their
final day - and here are people’s reactions:

And next week I seem to be off for Dreamhack (world’s largest lan-party)
who also invited me after they’d seen the promo. And more…

Best Regards,
John Nilsson