Buzz Out Loud 728: Rock the Roku

Netflix's new box hits the price sweet spot, Napster is offering 6 million DRM-free MP3s (deja-vu?), and Gizmodo! Confirms! The 3G! iPhone! Release! Date!

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
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Molly Wood
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Today in "we have actual tech news to report" tech news, Netflix's new box hits the price sweet spot, Napster is offering 6 million DRM-free MP3s (déjà-vu?), and Gizmodo! Confirms! The 3G! iPhone! Release! Date!
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Look out, Apple TV: The $100 Netflix Player has arrived

6 million DRM-free MP3s now at Napster

Breaking: iPhone 3G launch date confirmed
http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/05/20/ apple_wwdc_rumour_revival/

Microsoft confirms Windows adheres to broadcast flag

66% Apple market share for sales of high-end PCs

Blog Archive » BBC's Sound Index is good, but we won't get the data
http://uk.techcrunch.com/2008/05/20/ bbcs-sound-index-is-good-but-we-wont-get-the-data/

Video of Steve Ballmer getting egged

ET will phone home using neutrinos, not photons

Voice mail
Josh Denver
Thoughts on Wii sales.

Greg Raleigh
Professional use of magnets.

Jason Car
Video podcast thoughts.


Ring back tones

I’m with T-mobile and I have a ringback tone on my plan. Granted some of my friends don’t like my song but as i said to them if you dont like it either stop calling me at 3 in the morning for no reason or give me 2 dollar and i will buy a song that you like and assign to you.



An electronic message of indeterminate length

Well…its getting there. 2.2 million is too far off right?

Your loyal buzzian (it might catch on…maybe (and if it doesn’t let Dr. M and the Evil party kill us all (by all I mean I))).


Test market in Wilmington

Hey guys,

I was listening to 727 and I had a very very quick Well, Actually:

The Digital TV switch experiment is in Wilmington, North Carolina, not Wilmington, Virginia. I’ve been following the story because Wilmington, NC is actually my hometown. :)

~Gail-Marie in Japan


XP SP3 FIXED my system!

Lots of folks saying XP 3 had broken their system but I had the opposite experience.

I was building a new PC for my remote control astronomical observatory (see link), and I could not get XP to install (install crashed with BSOD) unless I turned OFF the second processor (Core Duo) in Bios first. Even after getting SP2 installed and everything working in this way, it would still crash on boot if I reactivated the second core.

BUT, when I installed SP3 and then activated the second core, VOILA!, it has been rock stable since.

FYI, Mobo is and Intel DP35DP……

Orion Observatory:
http://www.orionobservatory.com/observatory_ construction_2007/index.html



Speech impeding magnets on a plane


In episode 727 (the plane episode) you talked about speech impeding magnets I can think of a positive application for them. Mount speech impeding magnets in the headrest of seats on airplanes at the same time that cell phones are allowed. If there is an annoying passenger on the plane who is constantly talking loud on his cell phone the flight attendant could ask him or her to please turn off their cell phone if the passenger refuses out comes the remote control and with a press of a button the passenger stops talking. The airline slogan would be when on your cell phone please respect other passengers otherwise you will have to turn off your phone or we will turn you off. (We control your speech, we control the horizontal,, we control the vertical....)

Love the show,



Sprint mobile broadband

Buzz community,

It is my sad duty to inform you that Sprint will no longer be offering truely unlimited mobil broadband for users of laptop data cards. We are now capping the service at 5GB/month just like Verizon and AT&T. I got a chance to ask Mr. Hesse about the change and he said it was simply costing too much to keep it unlimited. He claimed this change would only effect 0.5% of our customers, I question that, but that’s what he said.

In better news, the Instinct officially comes out on June 20th.

Oh, and with regaurds to hulu, I downloaded my copy of BSG on Bit torrent last night. If one person stops selling you the crack, you just find another seller :)

Love the show,
Your friendly neighborhood Sprint employee