Buzz Out Loud 715: Fork the Pidgin

As in, stick a fork in the Pidgin forking controversy, because it's forking ridiculous. Also, iTunes Store gets same-day DVD releases and memristors make their debut.

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
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Molly Wood
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As in, stick a fork in the Pidgin forking controversy, because it's forking ridiculous. Also, iTunes Store gets same-day DVD releases and memristors make their debut. In other news, we do get a whiff of vapor, but the possibilities for the new Sezmi set-top box have us pretty fired up, nevertheless.
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iTunes Store gets same-day DVD releases

HP reports big advance in memory chip design

Microsoft raises yahoo offer to $32-$33 through WSJ; YHOO Wants $37*

New Sezmi set-top blows away the TV

Microsoft’s new PC initiatives

Canadian bank hands out free Eee PCs

Analyst: HD DVD demise hasn’t meant scramble for Blu-ray

Pidgin controversy triggers fork


Dave Durham
Here’s why Blu-ray is having problems.


Elections, parliment, candidates, Wikia, .org - confusion.


BOL Mayor job voting question

I guess I am a little confused about this whole BOL mayor thing.

We have a diplomat who likes to restate things in a more polite fashion, and interjects new topics into the conversation. (Tom) We have a sheriff, (Molly) who talks tough, calls it like she see it, and is rumored to carry a shotgun.
And then we have Jason, who acts more like a city administrator, pushing buttons, playing recordings, and publishing the podcast, all without much credit.

We even have a cranky old guy next door who loves cats and hates europeans, (Raife) as well as a house full of kids across the street who talk funny, play loud music all the time, and hold parties on the lawn. (The 404 podcast)

but this mayor thing confuses me, who chooses, who votes, and how? Is this like Chicago, can I vote more than once?

Keep up the good work,

Living in the 4th ward of Buzztown, down by the bacon plant.

P.S. Who do I talk to about getting a key to the city?

Yahoo toolbar strikes again

Hello Jamoto,
The other day I bought components to build me a new PC and one thing I noticed in the motherboard software (it was gigabyte’s ep35c ds3r) that it included the Yahoo toolbar on the driver install list, it was at the very end of the driver installer. After the USB, chipset, SATA controller and LAN drivers.
Just a warning to everyone installing gigabyte drivers from their CDs.
I wonder how much Yahoo is paying those companies to push the toolbar.
And why don’t they just pay me, the customer, directly instead ;)


The Bot Project


Just thought I’d flag this up with you--http://www.thebotproject.com

To save you clicking the link, it’s basically an open source, community driven bot tracking initiative. Today is very much day one so there’s really not much of a community yet.

Anyway, there it is. If it’s of interest, take a look.


P.S. Sorry for the unsolicited e-mail…. and love the show.
P.P.S. Molly--you were soooo serious on Twit.tv that I thought you’d been body snatched!

Its not giant, its colossal

Molly--you referred to the currently defrosting/dissecting squid as a ‘Giant Squid’. In fact it’s a ‘Colossal Squid’.

I guess that’s what happens when you name your squids with superlatives… let’s hope they don’t find a bigger one. For linguistic reasons alone.

I actually would like to see a bigger squid, Maybe they could call it the ‘Bigger Squid’.

This is starting to sound like an Andy Rooney segment. I should stop now.





I just heard you mention the GTA IV issues. I bought a Collectors Edition and had to return the disc as my Xbox 360 failed to read the disc properly. The replacement disc that I got from the original retailer worked fine and so far no problems, unless you count jaw pains from repeated droppage at the awesomeness. Love the show, and come to Boston!!!!!


--Charles W. Moore, Jr.