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Buzz Out Loud 706: 'U can't haz Internet,' sez AT&T

AT&T threatens that the Internet is going to run out by 2010, and apparently, it's because everyone's watching Gossip Girl online.

AT&T threatens that the Internet is going to run out by 2010, and apparently, it's because everyone's watching Gossip Girl online. Luckily, The CW has caught on to the danger and is pulling Gossip Girl offline so the hordes won't keep watching it on their Web site. Because that would be just plain dangerous. Also, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are all number one! Just ask them!
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PayPal plans to ban unsafe browsers

Microsoft plans Office subscription service

Blockbuster sued over role in Facebook’s Beacon ad program

Comcast, AT&T absent at FCC hearing on Net neutrality

After complaints, Apple tweaks Software Update for Safari

AT&T: Internet to hit full capacity by 2010

Gossip Girl streams pulled off CW's site due to, well, popularity; cannibalization fears

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony tout NPD numbers

Skeletons in the crimson closet: Facebook’s latest Harvard scuffle

RIP Edward Lorenz--Father of Chaos Theory

BONUS: Fractal Magic!


Alex Miami Beach
A Twitter tale.


Do Not Track registry

Tom, Molly,

Regarding your discussion in episode 704 about the do not track registry, I have a well actually for you. It looks like the deletion of cookies is not sufficient to avoid tracking these days. The Financial Post here in Canada published an article about ISPs using a service to perform deep packet inspection of your Web traffic to create targeted advertising.

According to the company providing the hardware and services, it is all anonymous, secure, etc., but we all know how well companies secure data. Plus, that one (or more) times you Google you name means that someone will be able to figure out who is the person being tracked in the data.

Here is the link to the article:

Matti (Toronto)

Psystar/Apple monopoly?

Hello TMJ,

This is Diane the architect, long time listener first time writer.
Writing in regards to episode 703, the Psystar/Apple monopoly (?). I believe the accurate term to describe Apple is proprietary. Their product is neither hardware nor software but rather the Apple experience. Users buy in knowingly to an integrated system, quality and design, but most importantly they’re buying the brand and the status that comes with that brand.

Take for example elevators (excuse the industry reference). Most elevator manufacturers in the industry are proprietary and have specific requirements that distinguish them from other manufacturers.

The operation software, machines, and parts are all proprietary components of their overall product. On top of which the maintenance servicing is restricted to their respective manufacturers, otherwise the warranty would be voided. There are some nonproprietary manufacturers that provide a product built of parts from other manufacturers, their system is open and can be serviced by anyone.

The proprietary manufacturer offers an integrated system that has a certain proven level of performance, where the nonproprietary product offers flexibility, not unlike Apple and Microsoft. Apple prices itself into a niche market and basically provides a proprietary version of a common product. Just because Apple doesn’t prefer to share like Microsoft or Linux doesn’t mean it’s a monopoly.

Anyway, love the show and keep up the good work!

How to vote on legislation

Hi Buzz Crew,

Long time listener and total BOL’r. In fact it was listening to your rants on technology legislation that inspired me to build

You can vote on all active legislation and have your vote sent instantly to your congressional representatives. It’s a super easy way to take meaningful political action.

Please vote on Net Neutrality

Lot’s of other cool things on the site too, such as tracking your votes compared with your representatives, seeing the bills sponsored by the presidential candidates, and quick easy access to your representatives 24-7.

I hope you like it. :)

--Taylor Norrish
BOL Fan and founder of

Silent and possibly deadly

Hello BOL!
I thought I would send in a quick story regarding the Hybrid car silence issue. On June 30, 2007, I was walking home from work and was hit by a hybrid car. I did not have an iPod with me, and was not speaking on the phone. The driver made no attempt to make his presence known, and afterward, told the police that his excuse was that “you just can’t hear these hybrid cars.”

As a victim of the Silent and Possibly Deadly cars, my vote would definitely be to increase the noise these cars create. It could prevent anyone else from having to deal with the aftermath. Luckily, I had only a fractured bone in my heel and couldn’t walk for three months, but these accidents could be a lot worse.

Thanks for bringing such an awesome show to us every day!
Atlanta, Ga.