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Buzz Out Loud 698: Beacon will kill you

Today, Buzz is on your side, with such gems of wisdom as "don't shop at Staples," "bacon will kill you," and "how to opt out of Beacon."

Today, Buzz is on your side, with such gems of wisdom as "don't shop at Staples," "bacon will kill you," and "how to opt out of Beacon." I guess that last one is pretty helpful. In other news of the day, we refuse to talk about the Google App thing, unless you can prove to us why we should. Thanks in advance.
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Google App Engine Blog: Introducing Google App Engine + our new blog introducing-google-app-engine-our-new.html

California Lawmaker Proposes Music Download Tax

Virginia 1st state to require Internet safety lessons

Windows 7 still slated for 2010 says Microsoft, Bill Gates just crazy-talking windows-7-still-slated-for-2010-says-microsoft-bill-gates-just/

Sources: Microsoft to Launch Wii-like Controller in 2008 id,144223-c,gameconsoles/article.html

Researcher creates malicious, router-controlling website researcher-creates-malicious-router-controlling-website/

ICANN Moves Against GoDaddy Domain Lockdowns

3D Self-Replicating Printer to be Released Under GNU License

Court to rule in Star Wars costume battle,,2271561,00.html

Japanese carrier to test smell-o-vision phone kit ntt_fragrance_communication/

MySong combines your singing voice with synth to make music 20080408-mysong-combines-your-singing-voice-with-synth-to-make-music.html


Musical Guest
Singing a little song for you.



Looks like an Apple Logo

Something about Texwood, a clothing company that had an Apple-lookalike logo even before Apple came in. (You can see the logo at

Art Ilano


Java well actually

What’s shakin’ Buzz Crew,

Regarding the Java discussion during episode 697. Hopefully I’m not getting too technical. I’m a Java developer, and the reason Java leaves the old version is to keep from breaking software people are currently running. Some JAR files included as part of a software may be broken by going to a newer version of Java. This would make people more upset.

Love the show,



Hey guy love your show,
Can someone please tell me how to turn off Facebook’s Beacon because I was with my friends and and we are watching the game and we order a couple of burgers online and little did we know that the service we use to order food from local restaurants, SeamlessWeb, is supported by Facebook’s Beacon. Now I am not the skinniest you’ll meet but the 3 burgers and 4 orders of fries I ordered on Sunday night did not make me look so phat.
thanks for making me look like a pig for my 756 friends…

Marco (or Shalin/Alex if you prefer) from New York


Internet issues in Canada

Hello Buzz Crew,

This is Rodrigo from Brazil in Toronto. As you might know I moved here last year, at the beginning I had problem finding one good ISP.
My first option was Rogers since the house I was living already had Rogers Cable TV. I tried it for a few weeks until it drove me crazy, bandwidth throttling was spoiling the fun.
So I decided to switch to Bell, used it without problems during a couple of months until the lame provider decided to throttle my bandwidth again.
I then canceled my Bell Internet and signed with Teksavvy a Canadian company much loved by many canadian geeks. But this monday my Internet also got throttled.
As far as I know I have no more options here in Toronto and it’s looking like I’ll just have to suck it up and forget about decent Internet speeds…

Brazil might be a third world country but at least we had some decent Internet down in Banana Land. :P