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Buzz Out Loud 697: Men behaving badly

In the news today, men are scamming and being scammed online, and Yahoo and Microsoft are getting nasty (in a legal-sounding way).

In the news today, men are scamming and being scammed online, Jerry Yang (Yahoo) and Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) are getting nasty (in a legal-sounding way), the official Craigslist blog calls the unofficial Craigslist blog a deceptive text-ad-runner, and we ladies are just over here in the corner being nice to each other. Er, except the ones with the AVPR1a gene.
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Yahoo versus Microsoft: Thanks for the letter Steve; Now give us more money or get lost

Rumor: Mossberg says 3G iPhone coming in 60 days

Gates: Windows 7 may come ‘in the next year’ domain name fetches millions

In Web world of 24-7 stress, writers blog till they drop

Bell wants to dump third-party ISP's entirely

Men more vulnerable to Web fraud than women

Craigslist responds to craigslistblog

Facebook to settle thorny lawsuit over its origins

Scrabble launches on Facebook: Yanks need not apply

Scientists discover gene for ruthlessness


I think it's OK for Apple to push Safari.

More Java annoyances.


The Rolling Stones land on eMusic!

I’m an episode or two behind, but I’m sure you guys will mention this as it seems to be fairly big news.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones! For once, the hyperbole is right: the world’s greatest rock and roll band, and we have the band’s entire catalogue through 1969 to prove it.”



Digg (& Mets) may kill the Rickroll

Dear Molly and “others”,

You may have half succeeded in killing the Rickroll, but Digg and the Mets may give the final blow to it.

Love the show, bye!


Concerning trend emerging

Dear Jamoto,

While catching up on past episodes I have come to realize that whenever Molly refers to a technology that kind of sucks or has yet to reach its full potential she refers to it as “Janky.” This is a very disturbing revelation because “Janky” sounds so close to the commonly used Indian name Janki. So in defense of my dear sister and the thousands of other Jankis of the world I wish for this atrocity to stop. (Beginning of fight club style rant) If my demands are not met immediately and an appropriate substitute for “Janky” is not put in place, you my friends will feel a wrath to horrid to imagine. The wrath of Indians. You may be faced with the most severe counter attacks that we know of, including you may receive more stern e-mails, frequent calls, and if worst comes to worst, nonviolent-protest. I know what you are thinking Jamoto but stop it right now, we Indians control much more than you can imagine. We control the temperature and spiciness of your curry, we invented Web based e-mail, and we will disinvent it twice as quick mind you, and most important we control your technical support. Who do you call when vista crashes now buddy boy. DONT BUZZ WITH US. Hopefully buzz will become a cursing substitute in all of buzz land.

Love the show,
Anonymous Indian on the edge

Mind control

Hey BOLers,
I just noticed that Buzz Town seems to do pretty much anything you ask us. The Last Rickroll video, So Say We All, the Most Gamingest Country, etc…
Not that this is a bad thing, I think you are lucky to have such a great community. Just don’t get too power hungry and start asking for donations for a “Buy Molly a Ferrari” fund, (which I would graciously volunteer to host the PayPal account for!) Rock on.

Drew from Collierville

Exotic caller

Hi BOL Crew ;)

I was doing some C code whilst listening to your show number 695 and heard Molly expressing her satisfaction at getting correspondence from exotic countries like Iran and Romania, so I thought I’ll send in a couple of lines so that she can actually add my country, Malta to the list.

Problem is I don’t really have anything to say except than confirming that the much-hated iTunes-Safari update keeps on bugging me too…

Keep up the good show… ;)

Chris Tanti
from Malta
A (very) small Republic-island situated in the Mediterranean Sea Just under Sicily, Italy