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Buzz Out Loud 695: Pass the caffeinated rabbit

It turns out that if you give a rabbit enough coffee, it won't get dementia. And neither will you!

It turns out that if you give a rabbit enough coffee, it won't get dementia. And neither will you! (Long story--we'll explain.) In other news, Apple is now the No. 1 retailer in the United States, and Comcast launches 50Mbps broadband in Minneapolis/St. Paul, which actually launches us into a big Comcast rant. Sorry, Comcast.
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Apple passes Wal-Mart, now No. 1 music retailer in U.S. 20080402-apple-passes-wal-mart-now-1-music-retailer-in-us.html

As expected, MySpace unveils new music service technology/03cnd-myspace.html

Comcast launches 50Mbps broadband--for $150 per month 20080402-comcast-launches-50mbps-broadband-for-150-per-month.html

Trademark dispute pits Apple vs. the Big Apple

AT&T Mobility CEO: All smartphones to be 3G within “months”--including iPhone and Centro? atandt-mobility-ceo-all-smartphones-to-be-3g-within-months-i/

Best and worst cell phone markets

Game on all-time high: 72 percent of U.S. population plays video games

Microsoft hoses down latest Xbox 360 Blu-ray rumor microsoft-hoses-down-latest-xbox-360-blu-ray-rumor/

IBM and Linden partner on Enterprise-class Second Life

Daily caffeine ‘protects brain’


Don’t worry Molly, no people on Amazon text shopping!

Mike from Newport News
Google with Skype would be great!

Anonymous Darwinist
Google conspiracy theory regarding Skype.


What Google will do with Skype?

I can’t believe you didn’t put the two and two together.

Google will release an Android (build by a manufacture, not by Google) phone that will use 700Mhz band (the Internet band bought by Verison) and will use Skype for voice calls (even this Skype OUT allow you to call any phone number in the world.

Skype already has a Linux application how, how hard you think will be to integrate it into Android?

Allex from Romania


The last Rickroll

Dear Tom and Molly,
I listened to your request about The Last Rickroll and I have made a rickroll to meet your need. It has Fonzie jumping the shark and then guess what?!?!? I will be uploading it to Youtube soon.

P.S. Just keep searching for The Last Rickroll. And read this on your podcast so I get lots of views.
UPDATE: I have uploaded the video!



I hate Apple Safari

After first time when I’ve seen Apple Safari in iTunes updates I’ve selected Safari and I’ve entered into Tools > Ignore selected updates.

Today, after I’ve selected that i want to update iTunes I’ve seen again Safari in the iTunes Update.

I think Safari contains a Trojan design to track your every (that uses windows) move on the Internet because I doesn’t know anyone instead of hackers that they want to push their junk on your computer.

Don’t trust Apple people!



Wimax in Iran--from 3 years ago!

Hey Jason - Tom - Molly:

As you have been talking about WiMax in U.S. and the stories about that all I was thinking about was, what the hell are they talking about? We have WiMax in Iran-Tehran about 3 years now.
A company called in Iran has been providing WiMax service, but because the service price is so high, not many people are using the service.
The price for the WiMax modem is $400, and the cheapest plan is 128Kbps bandwidth with $99 per month.
Of course other companies are trying to reach lower prices and provide better service, Anyway, we have WiMax in Iran. So we are not that much of third-world country, are we? ( Just kidding )

Love the show.

Best regards

Siavash Ghahremany



Hi guys,

Tom, I might be giving away a lucrative link farm idea, but with all the coverage you guys have had about Pwn to Own the last few days I can’t help but think that maybe it’s time for you to compete with Molly’s non-CNET blog with your own… I think is open — or it was until you just read this on-air.

You could use it to espouse your views about the hacker ethos. Post ideas…
“Does pwning really mean owning?”
“How to beat pwn trolls!”
“Pwning zombies and other lifesaving pwnage”
“Can you pwn your cake and eat it too?”

Ernie from the East Bay


So Say We All address

Hey guys, I have the address set up. I’m not sure if you got my e-mail I sent from my regular account, but I’m sending you one from the “official” BOL So Say We All Gmail address (for the day or two it is good for). Let me know how to spread the word (or on the podcast). I unfortunately have to work on Friday morning, so in order to make sure that everyone who sends them in gets on I would ask that they have it sent by 7:30 AM EST on Friday so I can add the last people and still get to work on time. Thanks again!

Kevin from Michigan

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The Ford Maverick was a fine car, Tom

Tom, in a world with Yugos, Gremlins, Pacers, Cimarrons, Vegas, Festivas, and other poorly made cars, you trash the Maverick. My family owned a 6-cylinder two-door Maverick in Grabber Blue, yes I know the color name was awful, but the car was solid. It was not going win a drag race or out-handle a Porsche, but our Maverick have over 120,000 miles on the original engine and transmission when we sold it. The ride was nice, and it had no major repairs done to it. For their time, the Maverick was a good car. The only issue was the marketing guy who came with the name Grabber Blue.

So once again, proof there is a defender for everything.

Well, I wonder if anyone would truly defend the epic Sci-fi blunder Battlefield Earth. Maybe you guys can put that one to the test.

Keep up the great work. Just quit picking on the Maverick.


Kev T
SF Bay Area