Buzz Out Loud 1549: Bartz puts $10 million in the swear jar (Podcast)

On today's show, it's cloudy with a chance of downtime at Microsoft and Google both (I call it a "cloudage," geddit?). A new Facebook app is letting you dedicate your status updates to victims of 9/11, which we love. And Sprint is hoping to grab iPhone 5 customers with 1. the iPhone 5 and 2. unlimited data plans for iPhone 5. And the coolest pair of Nikes ever.

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Molly Wood
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On today's show, it's cloudy with a chance of downtime at Microsoft and Google both (I call it a "cloudage," geddit?). A new Facebook app is letting you dedicate your status updates to victims of 9/11, which we love. And Sprint is hoping to grab iPhone 5 customers with 1. the iPhone 5 and 2. unlimited data plans for iPhone 5. And the coolest pair of Nikes ever.

Watch this: Ep. 1549: Bartz puts $10 million in the swear jar


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Facebook App 9/11 Memorial Lets You Dedicate Status Updates to Victims

Microsoft’s online services hit by outage

Sprint Said to Plan Unlimited Data With IPhone

Zagat's Price: Under $66 Million

Did Carol Bartz cost herself $10 million by calling board members “doofuses”

Apple wins (again) in Germany: Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction upheld

Android on HP TouchPad hits snag

Twitter has 100 million active users

Quick Hits

Apple iPads, iPhones get Flash video at last

Price cut helps 3DS sales soar 260 percent

Delivering fast boot times in Windows 8 http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2011/09/08/delivering-fast-boot-times-in-windows-8.aspx

Tim Cook announces new charity matching program for Apple employees


The Back to the Future Nike Mag’s are REAL and Good Luck getting them


Stephen’s Video Pick of the Week

From Alan Gustafson

Video Voice Mail from Chris. He’s having abandoment issues


Hey BOL,

I use Yahoo all the time. I use their homepage for my primary source of news headlines and interesting articles to read. I have 2 yahoo email accounts that are used regularly. I also use Yahoo’s fantasy football as well. I have nothing against Yahoo and have no plan of changing anytime soon. I have nothing against Gmail but I prefer the Yahoo email interface over Gmail hands down. Especially with the change they made like 6 months ago to the interface that I just changed to 5 days ago. I have a Gmail account but for the sole purpose of syncing my contacts and making purchases through the Android Market on my Droid2….that is…when I can’t just wait and get the app for free on Amazon because all apps I buy end up being free a day or two later -_-

Anyways, love the show. /sadpandaface over going weekly but I guess I can live with that…being that I have a 40 minute drive home and listen to you every night on the way home. BUT I will survive, I will stay alive, oh I will…. survive.

Aaron from Illinois


Hey guys,

Honestly, I love Carol Bartz. I think she is actually what Yahoo! needed…Molly I totally agree, She has bawls. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and I assume if she used this approach in the actual business side of Yahoo, I think she was doing exactly what she needed to.
Hopefully she will go to another company and kick ass against Yang & Yahoo!(!)

idea: Carol Bartz for RIM CEO! do it!
You’re welcome.

a la Texas.


Hey buzz crew

Just to comment on your story yesterday on Apple not updating safari to block sites using the Diginotar dns. I am a blind MacBook user and we have no choice but to use Safari as neither firefox or chrome have been enabled to work with Apples built in screenreader, VoiceOver. While I think it is reprehensible that Apple has not updated Safari some of us are stuck using it because the other guys will not make their browsers accessible even though they have had constant pestering from the blind community.

Love the show

Cheltenham, England


Now that Molly has used a Magritte reference on BOL, I’m afraid you can no longer deny being all Apple all the time…

(rim shot)

…and speaking of Apple, I can’t believe the the buzz crew missed an opportunity to riff on the cop who reported about the residential search by the Apple brown shirts – his name was Dangerfield! You see, when it comes to dealing with the house of magic, even the cops don’t get no respect (ka-boom). Thank ya, thankyaverymuch…

Visualized on my EyePhone,

Computer Love

Hi Buzz Crew

I guess I can count myself as a computer love success story.

I met my now fiancée on an online dating site, and during our courtship I impressed her by not only Googling her, but also running searches in social networks and online direct-mail databases. For our second date picked her up at her place - without her ever giving me the address ... I already had her current and last 5 home addresses from my searches.

We now live together but when we're apart we track each other using Google Latitude - if I get home early, I track her position so I can have dinner ready exactly as she walks in the door. I guess this is the lighter side of location tracking – it helps us feel closer together - then again, we're both major nerds.

Love the show.

Tom (and Lee) from Australia


Hey, Buzz crew. Read this article from the Google blog. It is so nerdy. Not something I would do though. My impression is that the girl had to walk long, and I think from the start there was no more element of surprise. It was obvious already, wasn’t it? What do you guys think? But congratulations to them!

By the way. I’m one of the very sad ones to see BOL go weekly.

Ron in Japan


Navigating a proposal with Google Maps for mobile
Published on The Official Google Blog | shared via feedly mobile
I recently decided to propose to my girlfriend, Faigy. I knew I wanted to do something meaningful and »yes»a little over the top, so I decided to put my software engineering skills to work to create the ultimate romantic scavenger hunt. On the road to "The Big Question," I wanted Faigy to visit places around New York City that were filled with memories of our relationship. My plan was to construct a map of the route and get my girlfriend from one destination to the next, all with the element of surprise. Google Maps gave me the tools I needed to make the magic happen.

View Faigy & Ari’s Engagement Route in a larger map

I used My Maps to plan out the route»from the Trader Joe's we shop at on the Upper West Side, to Magnolia Bakery where we spent part of our first date, to Hudson Bar & Lounge where we enjoyed a night of dancing, to Carnegie Hall where Faigy once surprised me with tickets to a Beethoven concert, all the way to the lighthouse on Roosevelt Island where we went on our second date.

I secretly coordinated with Faigy's manager at work to give her a Nexus One preloaded with Google Maps for mobile, a camera and instructions to go to the first location. I had a friend stationed at each of the six locations before the final stop to give Faigy a rose, take a picture of her with the roses and make sure she checked in with Google Maps. Meanwhile, I anxiously awaited her arrival at the Roosevelt Island lighthouse.


OKCupid Integrates Location Based Dating Into iOS And Android Apps

Using Facial Recognition Technology To Choose Which Bar To Go To


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