Buzz Out Loud 1470: Amazon is bringing a quad-core tablet?...We hope. (Podcast)

Brian Cooley invades the studio! Bing uses your Facebook social graph to help you make better...Decisions. T-Mobile lets you make Wi-Fi calls for free, but that will probably go away if the merger with AT&T happens. Another reason not to like it. Plus, the Power Point versus Keynote debate rages on!

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Molly Wood
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Brian Cooley invades the studio! Bing uses your Facebook social graph to help you make better...Decisions. T-Mobile lets you make Wi-Fi calls for free, but that will probably go away if the merger with AT&T happens. Another reason not to like it. Plus, the Power Point versus Keynote debate rages on!

Watch this: Ep. 1470: Amazon is bringing a quad-core tablet?...We hope.


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While Samsung is prepping, um, something, later.

Next iPhone Will NOT Have NFC Mobile Payments, Says Bernstein

…but might be on Sprint

T-Mobile makes Wi-Fi calls free -- yet another reason to dread the AT&T merger

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Loren artists take action against the RIAA


Hey Buzz Crew, it’s Chris from Cleveland,

You asked for us to respond why/if we preferred Powerpoint over Keynote. Instead of just typing my reasons here, I put together a slideshow and made it into a movie. I loaded my video onto Youtube; hope you like it!

The video/slideshow:

Vaya Con Dios
~Chris R~


I firmly believe that keynote is much better than powerpoint because:
A. Keynote is much easier to use than powerpoint, and almost all the controls are very intuitive.
B. Keynote has all the same abilities as powerpoint (like presenter mode, photo editing, builds).
C. Keynote has better and more visuals and these visuals are easier to control and manage (for example, graphs in keynote start out from basic types, and then customization options are added. Powerpoint presents you with every single combination of options up front).
D. Keynote is much cheaper than powerpoint.
E. Keynote integrates better with it’s operating system. (launches faster, iLife media viewer, etc.) F. Keynote has never failed me. Powerpoint has crashed on me multiple times, taking my work down with it.

Jeremy Huang


Hey BOL,

Brian, for someone who hosts a show all about Apple, you seem to be confused about the feature set of MobileMe. Find My only works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Not Macs. BOOM! ;)

Trevor from Australia


Given the options, what would you choose?

1. 36$/year for Pandora One
2. 10$/month for Slacker
3. .99c per song on iTunes or Amazon
4. 10$ per good old hard copy CD
5. 120$/year for satellite radio
6. Free Last.FM (a wonderful CBS Interactive Property)
7. $8000 (approximate) to move to the UK and use Spotify
8. Is there still Rhapsody or Zune or eMusic? (Lol, or am I dating myself??)

I guess most of us would do a combo, but I am in the market for some music as I'd like to have cloud access to my laptop, android phone and iPad and Slacker is looking like a viable option here.... Verrry interesting.

Dr. Karl ?


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