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Buzz Out Loud 1446: Cisco flips off the Flip (Podcast)

Two years ago Cisco bought a little video camera maker. Today it's letting it go, sniff sniff. Also lots of legal laffs today: The Winklevii refuse to give up; Microsoft calls out Google on Federal approval of Google Apps; and a blogger hits HuffPo with class-action suit. Plus, future Macbooks to be made from bicycles?

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
Molly Wood was an executive editor at CNET, author of the Molly Rants blog, and host of the tech show, Always On. When she's not enraging fanboys of all stripes, she can be found offering tech opinions on CBS and elsewhere, and offering opinions on everything else to anyone who will listen.
Molly Wood
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Two years ago Cisco bought a little video camera maker. Today it's letting it go, sniff sniff. Also lots of legal laffs today: The Winklevii refuse to give up; Microsoft calls out Google on Federal approval of Google Apps; and a blogger hits HuffPo with class-action suit. Plus, future Macbooks to be made from bicycles?

Watch this: Ep. 1446: Cisco flips off the Flip


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Cisco kills Flip

Amazon introduces ad-supported Kindle for $114

Twitter response: Tsaot Anthony Howell II
@mollywood I’m all for an ad-discounted Kindle, but it’s gotta be 30-40% at least considering the kind of money the’re going to make.”

Senator wants Internet sales taxes

Winklevii Undaunted, Plan to Seek New Hearing

Paul Ceglia vs. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Here’s the complaint and it’s a good read

Microsoft: Google's misleading security claims to the government raise serious questions http://blogs.technet.com/b/microsoft_on_the_issues/archive/2011/04/11/google-s-misleading-security-claims-to-the-government-raise-serious-questions.aspx

Google responds

AOL, Arianna Huffington Hit with Class Action Suit

AOL/HuffPo Shuts Down Download Squad

The New Yorker Tries Requiring Users to Like Its Facebook Page to Access Articles

Quick Hits

Hire indicates Apple shift from aluminum to composites

Carbon Fiber iPods Will Bring Wi-Fi Syncing [Exclusive]

Workers will smash their PCs to get an upgrade

iPad 2 gets glasses-free 3D display using front-facing camera for head tracking

Microsoft to preview IE10 at Mix11 show

Bing powering 30% of US searches

Windows 8 to feature an integrated App Store

Science News

NASA Chief’s Big Decision: Where Should the Space Shuttles Retire?

NYC getting one http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/04/12/space-shuttle-enterprise-to-land-in-new-york-where-will-the-others-go/

Breaking News
Retiring space shuttles to be sent to Cape Canaveral, Fla., Los Angeles, suburban Washington DC – NASA

1961 Soviet space capsule selling at NYC auction


John from Japan on Galaxy Tab


Hey BOL Crew,

I think I know why Amazon is offering ad-supported Kindles. Remember that rumor a while back that Amazon was considering giving free kindles to Prime subscribers? I bet they would use the ad-supported kindles if they made the free Kindles a reality. Think about it…They will be offering Living Social type deals, a business with very high profit margins. If they gave free ad-supported Kindles to all of the Prime subscribers, they would vastly increase their Living Social user base, and thus vastly increase their profit margins. This would also be a way to sell more Kindle books and thus make even more money. It’s like a free ad-serving device that people actually want.

Anyways, I would love to hear what you think about this. Love the show! Thanks,

Brian Stutzman


Hey Buzz Crew –

As cool as it would be for every kindergartner in that Maine school district to get and iPad 2 I think they need to spend that money on keeping teachers in the schools. I know someone personally that is going to be a victim of budget cuts for next year and several others that are not sure if they are going to have a jobs next school year. In Maine the money they are spending on the iPads could pay the salaries for 6 full-time teachers. There was a school that bought MacBooks for all it’s middle school teachers (5th-8th grade) then laid off 8 teachers and aids at the end if the year. I know that we need to get the tech into the schools since it is the future but maybe we should worry about the people teaching our future first.



Hi guys,

I donot work for the telecoms, but i have worked with one trying to solve the congestion problem. And they are not lying – neither about congestion or about the percentage of people whose data causes the congestion.

Anyway, back to verizon, the bottleneck in all these networks is not the connection from the datacenter. Its the signal from the phone to the tower and the old ATM networks going from the tower to their datacenter. Thats the part of the network they try to decongest. One method could be to build hundreds of new towers at an exhorbitant price. Right now they are trying network management to squeak out any little extra bandwidth. And with this, akamai is not going to help because it sits behind the datacenter. verizon is the only one that can optimize till the tower – and if they are not the CDN, https means they cant do any of the caching.



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