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Buzz Out Loud 1440: Hooked on Eagle Cam! (Podcast)

It's the latest internet webcam sensation that has taken over the BOL crew. Google is bidding for some sweet telecom patents, but is anyone bidding on MySpace? We don't think so. Plus, Computer Love returns to brighten up this Monday.

It's the latest internet webcam sensation that has taken over the BOL crew. Google is bidding for some sweet telecom patents, but is anyone bidding on MySpace? We don't think so. Plus, Computer Love returns to brighten up this Monday.


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Team From Engadget Makes Jump to SB Nation

IT’S OFFICIAL: AOL Fires Freelancers

JPMorgan, Kroger, Capital One, TiVo Warn of E-Mail Breaches

Google bids $900 million for 6,000 Nortel telecom patents

Myspace Bake-Off Starts Wednesday and-Despite Reports-No Bidder in Lead (and No Zynga Interest Either)

Microsoft’s Windows 8 recipe: Hint of Office, dash of Xbox, ounce of Windows Phone

Howard Stringer says Sony image sensors delayed for Apple's iPhone (updated)

OmniVision shares dip 11 pct on fears of iPhone contract loss

Sony’s Howard Stringer confirms Honeycomb tablet in US by summer

Momentum building for online piracy laws

AT&T CEO On T-Mobile Softball Question World Tour

Quick Hits

Promoting Science, and Google, to Students

Cablevision Launching iPad TV Viewing App

AT&T raises prices on iPhone early upgrades by $50

How To Turn Your Amazon Cloud Drive Into A Network Drive Just Like Dropbox

Science News

New Dinosaur Species Found In China

Happy Ending

Millions drop in online to watch Decorah eagles

Google’s Gmail Motion Prank Turned Into Reality [VIDEO]


Hey guys! My day idea is “old tech rememberence day” -a day to remeber all the has been tech like Palm. Love the show! Tom W. Livonia, MI

Hello it’s Alaa

We should have the “”Molly’s Rant Day”" :D

Alaa Hamade
Sent from my iPhone



Ok so after this girl i really liked broke up with her boyfriend I waited for about a week and decided to ask after i thought she really liked me i mean she was all over me, flirting and so on. So i decided to take the buzz out loud MOLLY WOOD advice and ask her. Her reply was understandable. Reply: “”I am still geting over Garett!”"
So i thought she ment it and she still acted like she liked me i thought i could just wait a little and ask her again until she was completly over him. So i waited a week and found out that she was starting to see someone else. She stopped talking to me and told me i should date her best freind. (freind is not very atractive and not my personality). I got kinda mad and tried to not think about her because i knew she didn’t like me.
Now 4-5 months later she has broken up with her boyfreind, that by the way is one of my mutual freinds and is even flurtier than before. I decided to get some help. YOU GUYS!!! Tell me what you think should, I let her make the move this time or should i so she doesn’t think i dont like her any more?” bt


Dear ComputerLove@BOL,

After raising my children as a single parent for 10 years, I decided it was time to start dating again, but my busy schedule was my enemy. I decided to address the problem with technology, specifically on-line dating. After a few failed attempts, I met a very special woman on eHarmony. The eHarmony process normally takes several days to weeks to get through, but we did it a single day, and began openly emailing each other. Our hectic schedules made it exceedingly difficult to find time to meet face to face. After several weeks, we agreed to meet for the first time at her house (brave move on her part), so I made the 1.5 mile commute to her home. Yes, that’s right, technology helped me find the love of my life in my own back yard. When we met, that all-allusive “”click”" was felt almost immediately. Subsequent conversations lead to us finding out that: our kids attended the same schools, we have been frequenting many of the same local hot spots, we had even used the same divorce attorney. We often laugh as the we discover how many times we may have crossed paths without being able to connect. We owe a great thanks to 21st century technology!

Dr Wendy Walsh had mentioned on your podcast that people 100 years ago would have to marry someone within a one mile radius of their home. It seems that advanced technology has only increased my range about a half mile, but I couldn’t be happier. We have fallen deeply in love, but we never would have found each other, were it not for Computer Love.

<3 the show!

Wheaton, IL

Is it just me, or does the new iPad have an Orwellian feel to it, almost like a small telescreen? Good thing Steve Jobs doesn't have dictator tendencies . . . oh, wait . . .

Apple: Doublethink different.

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