Buzz Out Loud 1430 T-Mobile gets super-mooned (Podcast)

AT&T gets bigger, a whole lot bigger with its purchase of T-Mobile. Trust us, mobile plans won't be getting any cheaper. Sprint gets a few consolation prizes, Twitter is 5 years old and we feature the "Morning-After" App.

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Molly Wood
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AT&T gets bigger, a whole lot bigger with its purchase of T-Mobile. Trust us, mobile plans won't be getting any cheaper. Sprint gets a few consolation prizes, Twitter is 5 years old and we feature the "Morning-After" App.

Watch this: Ep. 1430: T-Mobile gets super-mooned


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ATT buys Tmobile for $39B

…regulatory hurdles

…why it’s bad for consumers

ATT press annc

ATT: Merger is patriotic

Japan Atomic Crisis Eases as U.S. Says Worst May Be Over

Sony to restart battery plant; six others still out

Amazing replay of recent Japan quakes

Google accuses China of interfering with Gmail email system

Privacy lawsuits rain down on Netflix

France fines Google 100,000 euros over Street View

IBM settles with SEC, pays $10 million for accusations of bribery

Groupon CEO: We Placed Too Much Trust in Agency for Super Bowl Ads

Xbox Kinect on PS3 is Kevin Butler’s worst nightmare come true (video)

Quick Hits

Twitter, a five-year-old changing the world

Apple iOS 4.3.1 coming within one to two weeks?

Ping Could Be Draining iPhone Battery Life (iOS 4.3)

Netflix Seals Deal for Original Series


Introducing Nexus S 4G for Sprint

Sprint integrates Google Voice

BlackBerry 4G PlayBook goes live on Sprint website; launches this summer

Report: Sony to strike with ‘Thunderbolt’ laptop

Boeing’s 747-8 touches down for the first time

Science News

Nasa’s Messenger Mission is orbiting Mercury.

Happy Ending

Last Night Never Happened: the “Morning-After” App


Basan – how the socail media spies might hurt him!

Ray – Why is jon bon complaining


Hey Buzz crew,
I was just catching up on the show and on episode 1427 you had a story about Obama’s plan for streaming video and how America’s copy right laws are anti-consumer. This then reminded of what happened to a couple years back; I live in Canada where copyright laws are a lot more pro consumer, for example theres a law that explicitly says p2p is legal, & so is any piracy if it is done for an educational purpose; such that my school distributes the entire abode cs5 for free without legal problems. Anyways point of the story, mix dmca with boarder patrol and you’ve got problems. We where crossing over to Detroit and i got chosen for a “”random”" car inspection; where you leave everything but your passport in you car (including iPods) while you wait in a little room while they check your car. A while after we where in the room they found my friends iPod with pirated music; and they told us either go back to Canada or pass the boarder and leave the iPod because it had illegal content. We ended going back home and crossing the next day without any problem.

Thought you guys would like the story, love the show.

Ps. if your wondering how they knew the music was pirated, it was because the album names of some songs where of a website for free music.


I'm a couple days late, but Jon Bon Jovi's comments were funny to me. I'm a product of the late 70s and 80s, so I am a contemporary to him. He laments the change in the way music is purchased. Do you know what I miss? $15 concert tickets!!!! My first concert ticket in the early 80s was $14. I went and saw the same band this last year...for $140. Excuse me, but the economy has not increased in cost by TEN TIMES! And my ticket wasn't the most expensive one! Many concerts cost over $200 per ticket.

So, don't give me crap about how the Internet and digital music has damaged your earning power when you are making ten times the money in touring that you used to. I tell you what. Start charging $25 for concert tickets and I will gladly go back to the days where I had to go to the record store for my music.

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