Buzz Out Loud 1406: Nokia and Microsoft: BFFs (podcast)

Nokia and Microsoft make an intriguing pairing of two companies that frankly need each other more than ever. Apple is working on a cheaper and smaller iPhone and Obama wants 4G to blanket the US. Plus, Donald Bell joins us to flick cockroaches with our monkey toes.

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Brian Tong
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Nokia and Microsoft make an intriguing pairing of two companies that frankly need each other more than ever. Apple is working on a cheaper and smaller iPhone and Obama wants 4G to blanket the US. Plus, Donald Bell joins us to flick cockroaches with our monkey toes.

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Nokia, Microsoft becoming Windows Phone bedfellows

RIM Said to Plan PlayBook Software to Run Google Apps

Apple Is Said to Work on Cheaper, Smaller IPhones

Sony hints it could pull its music from iTunes in ongoing war with Apple

Obama pushes for national 4G-speed wireless

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First Verizon iPhone update already available

PayPal’s Micropayment Solution Opens to the Public

Twitter Tells Advertisers to Dig Deeper: "Promoted Trends" Get a Price Hike
Samsung 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet to debut at MWC

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Quick Hits

Microsoft Unveils IE9 Release Candidate

Some eHarmony user information stolen

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Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker built from scrap computer parts

Science News

Study: Humanity can store 295 exabytes of data

Happy Ending
Jeopardy!’ champs compete against computer


Hey Buzz Team, I just wanted to say your not alone Brian, when I was in New York with my buddy and we had a terrible bug experience. When we returned to the hotel from a dinner one night my friend told me that there was a huge bug. At first I didn’t believe him, but then I saw it. Their was a HUGE cockroach on the door way between the bedroom and, like you Brian, I screamed like a little girl. It was a terrible experience. Love the show!

-Chase Schaub


Hi Buzzcrew,

I live on a nearly-uninhabited island in the middle of western Pacific, and I am well acquainted with various large bugs attempting to share my living space. The important thing to remember with roaches is that you should never ever kill one in your house; apparently, the smell of a dead or suffering cockroach is a party-call for its mates, and they will arrive in dozens. Very bad form to squish them with a shoe and get their intestines glued to your bedroom wall. You never get the smell away.

The best way to deal with them is to give them a quick flick with a finger on their head, this will stun them so that you can get them out of the house; when you are far enough, use a big rock to finish them off.

Another approach in the anti-invasive strategies is to allow big enough spiders to live in your house. The 4-inch cockroaches are out of the range for even the palm-sized ones, but they do keep the centipedes at bay.

Love the show,



Hey Crew,
I just wanted to remind listeners about Watson playing on Jeopardy next week, starting on Monday the 14th.

I was fortunate enough to work at IBM Research over the summer and actually play against the machine. It beat a collective of 5 or 6 Ph.D. students trying to pool their resources and best the machine. Needless to say, Watson showed no mercy and crushed us. It should be fascinating to watch the best human recall pitted against the best natural language processing, machine learning and probabilistic reasoning algorithms computer science has to offer. Plus a robotic voice playing Jeopardy is hilarious.

a computer science grad student


Hey Buzz Crew,
When Brian was talking about the 100 touch screen, and head said that he had an opposable toe thumb, this is the first thing I though of.
Please see Attached.

BT feet


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