Buzz Out Loud 1405: Verizon drops the line (podcast)

The Verizon iPhone goes on sale, and no one lines up. We'll talk about what it means for HP to bring WebOS to PCs, and why are we talking about the iPad 3 when we have yet to see the iPad 2. Plus, nothing says I love you like a hissing cockroach.

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Brian Tong
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The Verizon iPhone goes on sale, and no one lines up. We'll talk about what it means for HP to bring WebOS to PCs, and why are we talking about the iPad 3 when we have yet to see the iPad 2. Plus, nothing says I love you like a hissing cockroach.

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Colin from the UK, calls in about their Friday


Dear buzzers,
Regarding episode 1404, I also use my head to increase the range of my car fob. I do have a metal plate in my head (after three brain surgeries), as Brian suggested, and my fob does not have any greater range than other people who use their head as an antenna for my fob. After you mentioned this on the show we went outside to test. With and without metal plate, without head-booster, fob triggers from about 10 yards, and with head-booster, fob triggers from 20-24 yards.

Love the show!

Ross Holley


We showed up at 8:09 AM to the shopping center where Verizon is located to “”borrow”" our gym’s wifi. The attached picture should be pretty self explanatory – there was no one in line for the release of the new iphone (after all their effort when we were here late last night to remove the snow from their parking lot, using a shovel, a leafblower, and a modified lawn mower). We HAD to take a picture, because, come on…FUNNY. 45 minutes later, a faux security guard came out and oh-so-casually observed us while pretending to read another storefront. He went back inside, presumably to gather courage, and then came out to our vehicle demanding to know who we were and what we were doing sitting in the parking lot (of the freaking gym a few stores away) and said he’d had “”several reports”" that we had been TAKING PICTURES. Which is, of course, criminal somehow. After a brief exchange that was apparently unsatisfactory to him, he fled back inside to call the real police. Said police only expressed puzzlement to us that this guy had called them in the first place… and chuckled when we told him why we took the photo. And of course we just had to share this with you. I mean, come on… they called the police on us!

PS – My fiancee has a wicked crush on BT

Jeremy R. Cort


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Verizon line


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