Buzz Out Loud 1404: HP For the Win! (podcast)

The HP Veer, Pre3 and TouchPad showcase WebOS in all threes sizes and we like! Smartphones pass PCs in sales, and while smartphones take over the world, OnLive is going to be streaming games to you on your phone. Kent German and Antuan Goodwin guest host and we talk monkey feet.

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The HP Veer, Pre3 and TouchPad showcase WebOS in all threes sizes and we like! Smartphones pass PCs in sales, and while smartphones take over the world, OnLive is going to be streaming games to you on your phone. Kent German and Antuan Goodwin guest host and we talk monkey feet.

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HP Press recap We’ll fill in the details when we get some of them

Tom Krazit:
It’s somewhat like the Pre with a slider design that moves up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard, one of the best they’ve made, he says. 2.6-inch screen, a gesture area, and it supports Flash. Built-in GPS.
Wednesday February 9, 2011 10:32 Tom Krazit

Tom Krazit:
It also has a 5MP camera, and a USB port. It supports HSPA+, Wi-Fi, 8GB of storage, and the same memory as the Pre 2. It’s got the Snapdragon chip running at (I think) 850MHz. It can also be a hotspot for up to five other devices. ”

Palm TouchPad leaked: 1.5 pounds, 13mm thick, and just moments from official

WebOS-based Veer, Pre 3 and TouchPad leaked on HP’s site, likely on sale today

New CEO offers scathing Nokia assessment – Drops Meego phone

Industry first: Smartphones pass PCs in sales

OnLive raises $40M from HTC, which will put game service on its phones

MPAA sues Hotfile, battle for cloud begins

Worker fired over Facebook comment settles lawsuit

Sony Lawyers Expand Dragnet, Targeting Anybody Posting PlayStation 3 Hack

Apple’s New iPad in Production

Verizon iPhone 4 antenna problems persist
Verizon iPhone 4 Now Available for Online Orders

Dell Adamo, spunky MacBook Air rival, is no more

Quick Hits

Fixed Intel chip to ship in mid-February

AT&T rolling out unlimited calling to any mobile number

Flash Player 10.2 is Here: Available Now for Windows, Mac, and Linux

iPod Classic to get update–or be killed?

Introducing the Google Translate app for iPhone

World’s largest touchscreen can detect up to 100 touch points at once

Pretend to be a doctor with these stethoscope headphones


Hey Guys, I work for Verizon and just want to add a bit of info on skipping the activation setup an android device from show 1403. It is true that if you tap the four corners of the screen it will bypass he initial set up. But this method only works on some android devices. It is different for each “”skin”" ie. HTC sense or Samsung. And as far as adding an android phone without a datapack just by doing this think again. As Verizon will automatically add the data on there as soon as any smart phone ESN is activated on a line.

Love the Show, RJF


Hey Buzz Crew,

I'm listening to episode 1403, Rafe stated that if he could talk on his mobile phone and surf the Internet while doing so, he would switch to Verizon. Does this mean he's going to switch to Sprint's 4G service? I own a Sprint EVO and live in Brandon (Tampa), FL which is a 4G area. I can surf and talk on the phone (only while on 4G) without any problem, I can voice dial, dictate text messages and even use voice commands to find directions on my built in, free navigation software, Google Navigate. Eat that AT&T/iPhone!!

Luv da show

Another Sprint customer...



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