Buzz Out Loud 1403: Dell's Papier Mache Tablet (podcast)

We recap Dell's announcements and Rafe gets banned, even if this is first show back. Sprint's "industry first" is a dual screen phone, and also the first mobile device with screen-on-screen action. The Verizon iPhone is already jailbroken. Plus, we'll pay you in Smurfberries!

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Brian Tong
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We recap Dell's announcements and Rafe gets banned, even if this is first show back. Sprint's "industry first" is a dual screen phone, and also the first mobile device with screen-on-screen action. The Verizon iPhone is already jailbroken. Plus, we'll pay you in Smurfberries!

Watch this: Ep. 1403: Dell's papier-mache tablet


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Dell Recap

Info about the new Latitude models:
-The new Latitude series is sporting MIL-STD tested Tri-Metal (TM) casing and feature a new design.
- The Latitudes also have free fall sensors, remote data deletion, and Dell data protection.
-All Latitude models feature 1 dock, battery & keyboard footprint.
-All have backlit keyboard as an option
-Intel 2nd generation core processors.

Info about the new OptiPlex models:

-New Intel vPro processors, graphics and memory.
-Planned compatibility with desktop virtualization lineup
-tool-free access to system components

and finally, about the Precision lineup (the T1600 workstation in particular):
-Single-socket workstation for 2D and entry-level 3D apps.
- Has Intel 2nd gen. Core and Xeon processors, Intel HD, or graphics from AMD and Nvidia.
-ISV cert on AutoCad.


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Howdy Crew,

One thing you *might* be overlooking about the lack of a public succession plan. Having such a plan would
make it hard for them to do one of those reality shows along the lines of "replace the dead/fired lead singer
for this 80's hair band".

Love the show,



Hey guys,

You probably got tons of responses on this but in case you didn’t, I think I have the answer on why the Best Buy Ad states you need a data plan to unlock the WiFi feature on the new Xoom tablet.

Those of you with Android devices will recall that the first thing you do when you get your new device is sign into (or create a new) Google account – this can only be done with a data connection. You can’t get to the settings menu of the phone to configure WiFi until you get past this setup screen. Not such a big deal for a smart phone since most carriers won’t sell you a smartphone without a data plan. (Heck the Nazis at Verizon mandate a data plan with ANY smartphone on their network – even one you own outright!).
Anyway I ran into this problem when I bought my son a Cliq, while my carrier, T-mobile, doesn’t insist on a data plan for smart phones you buy outright (Hurray for T-mobile believing you should be able to use the hardware you OWN the way YOU want!) The salesperson did say I needed a data plan in order to setup the phone, but once setup I could configure WiFi and drop the data plan.

So as much as I hate Verizon’s business practices, I don’t think this is a big ‘lock down’ conspiracy, just a by product of the way the Android OS is configured.

While I can’t confirm this will work on Honeycomb but on previous versions of Android you can by pass the setup wizard by tapping each of the four corners of the screen in a clock-wise direction starting at the upper left corner. This will put you at the home screen where you can setup WiFi and then go back and setup your Google account info. This is exactly how I setup my Son’s phone without buying a data plan (Yea, I never believe the kid behind the sales counter knows what he’s talking about)

Maybe one of your brave listeners who buy a Xoom can confirm this works and save the rest of us $40?

Thanks for a great show,



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