Buzz Out Loud 1395: BingTorrent (podcast)

Google starts censoring torrents sites in their search and Facebook denies rumors of a Facephone, which means it exists! Hulu is looking at becoming an online cable operator and we drool over Sony's PSP2 announcement.

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Brian Tong
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Google starts censoring torrents sites in their search and Facebook denies rumors of a Facephone, which means it exists! Hulu is looking at becoming an online cable operator and we drool over Sony's PSP2 announcement.

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Sony unveils ‘Next Generation Portable,’ the new PSP

Facebook Once Again Hangs Up on Phone Rumors

Hulu to recast itself as on online cable operator?

Google Starts Censoring BitTorrent, RapidShare and More

Google releases Honeycomb platform preview: Android’s biggest redesign yet

Netflix Adds 7.7 Million Subscribers in 2010 to Pass 20 Million

Is Netflix trying to embarrass certain ISPs?

AT&T unlimited data plans still available to woo defectors

Exclusive: BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphones to run Android apps?

Man Sues Facebook for $500,000 for Disabling his Account

Quick Hits
News Corp.’s iPad magazine launching Feb. 2

Microsoft Shipped 2 Million Units of Windows Phone 7 Software Last Quarter

Nokia smartphone market share shrinks to 31 percent, operating profit takes a beating too

Verizon iPhone Pre-Orders to Start at 3am ET on February 3rd, Offering AT&T iPhone Trade Ins

Loss of iPhone will make cause ‘rocky’ time for ATT, CEO says

Science News

Astronomers using the Hubble Telescope believe they’ve found a ‘new’ star system that’s really the most distant ever seen

U.S. Navy thinks squids may hold the secret to invisibility

Happy Ending

Macworld Attendees – Discounts galore


A peek at the state of education…

Science comprehension is not that bad



Hey BOL Crew,

Just a few thoughts on the educational system. I recently graduated high school, and the state mandated tests that we were required to take rarely represented the knowledge of the student body. Students were required to sit in a room and look at the test, were monitored to ensure that we were at least writing something, but often times students would just scribble or draw, and not try. Often times these students would skew the results; though they did test us more on if we could read rather than think critically. Thankfully my high school had a great science department, now I am studying engineering, and loving it.

Love The Show,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

P.S. When all the IPv4 addresses are gone, Apple will release iOS 4.3, and will discontinue supporting the internet because Steve Jobs thinks “”it’s an outdated/dying technology, like Adobe Flash.”"


Molly & Brian,

I think in show 1387 Molly started ranting about Samsung and their lack of upgrading previous android phones to Froyo. I have the AT&T Captivate (I have good AT&T service in Colorado Springs, CO). I found myself standing up and cheering on Molly's assessment of Samsung. Being tech journalists...you of course have a responsibility to report on all product....but!!!! If every journalist and/or reviewer that reported on Samsung products would just add a disclaimer that Samsung has the reputation for NOT supporting previously released products with upgrades...I'm sure more people will factor that into their purchasing decision. If that disclaimer was attached to every mention of any new Samsung products...well...at least phones....I'll bet that Samsung would then take notice...and maybe change how they support past products. Wishful thinking....I know...but just a thought

Mark L. Ferguson


Buzz crew,

Richard from Washington’s e-mail about AT&T charging rent for their phones reminded me of a personal family story from a few years back. Around 1994 or so, we were moving my grandmother out of her house that she’d been living in for the past 40+ years and into an assisted living community. One of my uncles wanted to keep the old-school rotary telephone that resided in the kitchen as a souvenir of his childhood home–the thing was probably as old as the house itself. Through a series of long and boring events, we ended up learning AT&T would not let him and said if the phone was not turned back in at an authorized collection spot (in our area it was an electrical supply place) theft charges could be brought up as the phone was still the property of AT&T.

That was a bummer. I actually learned how to dial a telephone number on that phone–I’m one of a few people my age I know who can say that (I’m 26, btw). And it’s kind of hilarious to think that even though AT&T was in the middle of its court-ordered breaking up of its monopolies and whatnot, there was still someone there insistent that they get back their gosh darn property!

Love the show,

Jackie from OH


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