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Buzz Out Loud 1368: Iran is Stux (podcast)

The Stuxnet worm isn't going away anytime soon, Julian Assange says "No" to WikiLeaks Cyber Attacks, and Michael Bay is re-writing the space landing...with Transformers.

The Stuxnet worm isn't going away anytime soon, Julian Assange says "No" to WikiLeaks Cyber Attacks, and Michael Bay is re-writing the space landing...with Transformers.

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Kinect Minority Report style

Transformers 3 – Trailer

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I am a little behind in the podcasts, but I still wanted to share my recent experience with facebook censorship as well. The week before the elections a friend and I were posting political ads we found funny on each other’s site (perhaps not entertainment for the masses, but we were poli-sci majors together back in college). I posted an ad off youtube and later noticed it wasn’t there, but thought nothing of it believing my older phone had failed to successfully update my profile, something it is prone to do. When I reposted the link to the video (a southern politician who threatened violence to people filching his yard signs – hilarious) my account was locked and I was sent a email from facebook informing that my account was being disabled for suspicious behavior. Some identity verification and a couple of emails were required to restore access to my profile.

Facebook is trampling on my ancient rights, older that the nation itself and perhaps the very bedrock it was been built upon: deriding crazy Southern politicians!


post: Love the show and am happy that the new Computer Love segment corresponds with my day off; perhaps I’ll have to seek BT’s saqe guidance :)


Do web app advantages exist in the mobile world where bandwidth and connectivity are problems?


New Haven


Just finished listening to episode #1366 and I wanted to chime in as a web developer and explain why I was excited for the Chrome Web Store.

• As an indie developer you increase your chances of getting your app or product recognized and in the hands of more users.
• While not many of the so called “”apps”" are taking advantage of it – you do have the ability to create a web app that is installable in their browser and not accessible via a URL. This is perfect for working with a web app if you are online or offline. Lets face it, not every app idea in the universe needs a full fledge website built around it.
• Building an installable web app gives you ties into the Chrome browser that you just cannot get access to building a regular web application for security reasons.
• You don’t have to spend hours tweaking your code, or downgrading/removing features, to be compatible with Microsoft’s aging IE6 and IE7 browsers.
• Developers get to take advantage of some really cool HTML5/CSS3 technologies that are emerging that are just impractical to use in regular production environments due to the limited number of browsers that implement them.
Thanks for the great show guys!

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