Buzz Out Loud 1357: Welcome to the Tensies (podcast)

On today's show, we're totally hoping the music industry will finally catch up to reality, or at least the year 2010. Or the "tensies," as we're now calling them. Forever. Spotify is under pressure to just launch, already, but this time it's from their investors. Also, is "Farmville" on the decline because Facebook users are just narcissistic quiz-takers? --Molly

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
Molly Wood was an executive editor at CNET, author of the Molly Rants blog, and host of the tech show, Always On. When she's not enraging fanboys of all stripes, she can be found offering tech opinions on CBS and elsewhere, and offering opinions on everything else to anyone who will listen.
Molly Wood
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On today's show, we're totally hoping the music industry will finally catch up to reality, or at least the year 2010. Or the "tensies," as we're now calling them. Forever. Spotify is under pressure to just launch, already, but this time it's from their investors. Also, is "Farmville" on the decline because Facebook users are just narcissistic quiz-takers? --Molly

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UK carriers offering an iPad subsidy plan

Nintendo returning to CES after a 16 year absence

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Life insurers looking to your social networks to predict risk


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Microsoft unveils XBox Live Marketplace Black Friday deals

The Xbox is 5 years old this week

Yelp rolls out check-in offers

Apple planning Dec. 9 event with Rupert Murdoch http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2010/11/23/businessinsider-apple-planning-december-event-with-rupert-murdoch-2010-11.DTL


Silence your keyboard with this soundproof cover

Nook Color and Kindle 3 both CNET Editors’ Choices


Google Doodle: Ina Garten’s Thanksgiving recipes

Voicemail (800-616-2638)

Anonymous: what about Roku?

BT: Callin’ you out!

Email (buzz@cnet.com)

I was excited because I heard on BOL last month that AT&T U-Verse had added the ability to use your Xbox as a set top box to view your AT&T TV programs. So today I finally got around to looking up where to download the software to my Xbox (assuming it would just be like adding an app)…but NO! U-Verse charges $99 for the software, and they require a tech to come and install it for $50. So let me do the math on that one…I can keep spending $7 per month on the leased AT&T box I already have sitting next to my Xbox, or I can spend $150 to get the same thing on my Xbox, which would have the advantage of…well…not having to change my TV video input to switch from Xbox to TV. Gee. That's a tough decision. It would take almost 22 months to start saving money by using the Xbox method…way to go AT&T for making your customers feel loved.

Love the show.

Andy Wettlin
Greenville, SC


Hey Buzz Crew,

I recently had to buy a new Tivo and wasn't crazy about getting the Premiere since reading all the of reviews about the slowness and stability issues. But to my surprise I was shocked at how speedy the thing was. Turns out you can turn off the HD Interface (essentially the new Premiere interface) and run it in the SD interface (Classic Tivo interface) mode, the new Tivo Premiere in SD mode is actually faster than my older HD Tivo Series 3 and the UI looks the same on both. I for one don't really like the new Tivo UI anyways, so no real loss to me.

But thought this might help any one who was like me and was on the fence about the Premiere. Not sure if the new Ipad app still works in the classic UI though, as I don't have an Ipad. But maybe Molly or another listener can check that out.

Love the Show,


Buzz Crew,
In yesterday’s show, you mentioned the new streaming-only plan on NetFlix and the price increase in existing disc-based plans. I, for one, am very disappointed by the way in which NetFlix is handling this change. I was notified by email last night, well after all the day’s news about the new streaming-only plan, that my plan would increase in price effective my next billing date, i.e. NEXT WEEK! The increase is not great, but they tell me on Monday that they’re going to charge my credit card more money 1 week beforehand. There’s no grandfathering in of accounts who’ve been subscribers for years, no advance notice that the price will change in a few months. Just a quick note to say they’re taking more of my dollars than I had originally approved. I enjoy the service so I will remain a member, but I’m extremely frustrated that they chose to handle plan increases so poorly. I hope I’m not the only one.



Janet Incompetano revealed that there is research being conducted to
combine canine DNA with a human clone fetus to obtain humanoid TSA
inspectors with the ability to smell explosive chemical particulates on
clothing and in luggage. This is far more advantageous than merely
training dogs, since we have no way of Unionizing dogs, they do not
require much of a support bureaucracy and their life span is too short
for a federal retirement plan.



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