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Buzz Out Loud 1334: In which we fondle and drool over the MacBook Air (podcast)

Apple giveth (the Ginsu Book) and then it taketh: We discuss a gaping security hole in FaceTime and Apple's dis to Java developers. Also, GE launches hybrid lightbulb, Clearwire demos 100 gigabit LTE, and the mysterious space hot tub of Upsilon Andromedae b.

Apple giveth (the Ginsu Book) and then it taketh: We discuss a gaping security hole in FaceTime and Apple's dis to Java developers. Also, GE launches hybrid lightbulb, Clearwire demos 100 gigabit LTE, and the mysterious space hot tub of Upsilon Andromedae b.

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Molly, Rafe,

Joe Hewitt has done a lot for open source software. However I disagree with him on his comments regarding Android’s openness.

When people are discussing open source they often forget about the true definition of open source and let their own beliefs get in the way. No where in the definition does it state that the source must be made public DURING development. The main point of open source is that the source code is provided along with the end product. It also does not state that community contributions must be allowed on the project.

The carriers are absolutely at fault for locking down the phones. However that is a completely different discussion. Android is by definition absolutely open source. The Cyanogen project is a perfect example of this and the best option for people looking for a community driven Android OS.

Love the show guys! Keep up the great work.



hey guys, This is what we’re getting every time we turn on our TV on the east coast. i don’t watch fox channels unless 24 was on, but every time we turn the TV on, its defaulted to that video. enjoy.

Adonis francisco/ SGTCISCO on chat



Hey All,

Had an idea about the new Mac OS X app store. If developers didn’t want to to pay the 70/30 split, then developers could come together and build their own piece of software that distributes their software on OS X and takes care of installation/management/updates. Because OS X (unlike iOS) isn’t a locked down system. STEAM already does this for Valve on OS X. I doubt Valve is going to start putting their games on the Mac OS X app store. Anyway, just some obvious thoughts that should be said.

Thanks for the show,


Dear Buzz Crew,

In your effort to fix the Angry Birds on Palm confusion, Molly managed to mistakenly “flip the bird” to the Palm by stating that it is still only on Sprint. As a Palm Pre Plus user on Verizon, I was greatly saddened to learn that my phone is apparently just an illusion and I am living in the Matrix. Palm is available not only on Sprint, but on Verizon, AT&T, as well as multiple carriers around the world. [[stuff removed]] I truly feel that this platform offers the best of Apple’s stableness with an official App Catalog and unified OS versions on every handset, while totally supporting the user’s right to hack, patch and download beta apps like Android. I am not a coder by any means, but I have my Pre overclocked to 1Ghz, have added a half dozen patches to change the look and feel of the UI, and am running another half dozen beta apps. Don’t count HP/Palm out yet, the market is still growing like crazy and they are looking long term.

–Bradley Erickson


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