Buzz Out Loud 1262: Apple raises the bars (podcast)

There's a fix coming for the iPhone 4's antenna problems: Apple will make the signal strength meter go higher, no matter what. Seriously? Yes. Also, Steve Jobs did not say, "It's just a phone," Microsoft doesn't care which way you insert your batteries, and there is no space dust on Hayabusa.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
Rafe Needleman reviews mobile apps and products for fun, and picks startups apart when he gets bored. He has evaluated thousands of new companies, most of which have since gone out of business.
Rafe Needleman
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There's a fix coming for the iPhone 4's antenna problems: Apple will make the signal strength meter go higher, no matter what. Seriously? Yes. Also, Steve Jobs did not say, "It's just a phone," Microsoft doesn't care which way you insert your batteries, and there is no space dust on Hayabusa.

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Apple discovers reason for iPhone 4 reception issues

Apple Says Software Update Will Fix iPhone Glitch

Tests Confirm iPhone 4's Antenna Flaws

Apple calls at least one reported Jobs e-mail fake

Jobs email with customer said to be a fake

Exclusive conversations with Steve Jobs up for sale

T-Mobile to halt Sidekick sales

TV business kisses HDMI goodbye

New MS tech allows batteries to go in any way

OnStar users now sending Google Maps directions to their cars

Goog acquires ITA, look out MS Bing

Google Takes On Travel Sites, Courts Regulatory Action With ITA Acquisition

Best Buy Trying To Fire Employee Over Those Hilarious EVO Versus iPhone Videos

Judge “rejected all of the EFF’s arguments” on P2P cases

Likely no asteroid dust on Hayabusa

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Brandon wonders about phoning-while-driving

Matt the safe driver in Orlando.

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Hey Buzz crew,

Listeneing to Episode 1261 where you talked about the death of the kin. Just wanted to point out there was 1 product with a much shorter life span. The Palm Foleo. Announced, produced, and not released… Could a product lifespan be shorter than that?!

Love the show,

Adam from MD


Hello Buzz folk–

Just caught the podcast of episode 1261, in which there seemed to be consensus that class-action lawsuits benefit lawyers, punish companies, and leave consumers without recompense.

While that may be the case for consumer tech, I know of at least one example in which a company sold a faulty product and as a result of a class-action suit had to make it right for affected consumers. That example is polybutylene pipes, a plumbing product that eventually leaked when exposed to the high temperatures found in hot water delivery. Exposure to even very low concentrations of chlorine, such as that used to disinfect many public water supplies, also weakened the piping and led to leaks.

The settlement of the class-action suit, Cox vs. Shell Oil, led to formation of a billion-dollar fund that completely covered the cost of re-piping homes that were flooded by the leaking pipes.

While the suits against Apple for performance of the iPhone 4′s unique antenna design may be specious, not all class action lawsuits are wrong-headed, nor are they merely money-makers for lawyers. What I wonder, though, is where are the lawsuits on behalf of residents of New York and San Francisco against AT&T?

Paul the Tucson Tech Writer


Hey Buzz crew,

This is in response to Apple’s customer support script forbidding giving away bumpers to appease iPhone 4 owners and making them buy them. They also do this with Xserves. Xserves do not have a regular VGA or DVI port to hook up a monitor. They have a display port that you must plug a VGA or DVI adapter dongle into. They used to include a VGA dongle with the previous generation Xserve, but now with the current generation, they have changed the display port to a mini-display port and no longer include a dongle. You must now buy one for $40.


You don’t really have a choice because you can’t use your server without setting it up first. And to set it up, you need a monitor.

Also don’t forget, on the first iPhone they had a recessed headphone jack that you could only use Apple earbuds with or buy an adapter (but at least they included earbuds with the phone).

Love the show,