Buzz Out Loud 1178: Steve Jobs smash (podcast)

On today's show, Apple wants to wipe all HTC phones from the face of the earth, apparently because Steve Jobs is just grouchy about this whole business. Donald and Molly engage in a nice long talk about the validity of software patents.

Molly Wood Former Executive Editor
Molly Wood was an executive editor at CNET, author of the Molly Rants blog, and host of the tech show, Always On. When she's not enraging fanboys of all stripes, she can be found offering tech opinions on CBS and elsewhere, and offering opinions on everything else to anyone who will listen.
Molly Wood
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On today's show, Apple wants to wipe all HTC phones from the face of the earth, apparently because Steve Jobs is just grouchy about this whole business. Donald and Molly engage in a nice long talk about the validity of software patents, and then we wonder whether anyone would actually line up to buy a new 3D HDTV. Meanwhile, the well-meaning House of Lords is probably going to destroy the Internet.

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Episode 1178

Apple: HTC phones caused ‘irreparable injury’; asks for ban on importing Nexus One

RealNetworks surrenders in RealDVD case

Valve games coming soon to a Mac near you

Apple yanks Wi-Fi detectors from iTunes

Android marketshare growing, iPhone shrinking says Quantcast

Former Infinity Ward execs sue Activision

Lords copyright change ‘could block YouTube’

Who will buy the first Panasonic 3D TV?

Blackberrys effectively add 10 days of work a year

Latest MacHeist bundle brings even more software on the cheap

First shots of Microsoft’s secret project Pink Phone

Come see us at SXSW in Austin, Texas!

Voice mail
Matt on why he clicks on Facebook ads

Hey Buzz Crew,

I know you guys aren’t big fans of the Blackberry Storm, but I think this newly reported form factor is pretty interesting. As a former BB user (Storm – terrible, Tour – sweet, Droid – well, does!), I think that this hardware combo could be huge. It’s also reported to be running OS 6.0 (but fails imo with an expected 360×480 screen resolution).

Was it Tom that predicted Palm will be bought out in 2010? Hmm WebOS + BBEmail could be the spark RIM needs to drive more handsets into the consumer bases, outside of enterprise. If RIM were smart, they’d pull a MS and work from the ground up.

These photos have been out for a day or two, but hadn’t heard you mention anything.



Dana the Structural Engineer from Richmond, VA.

PS – Love the Show!
PPS – Welcome back Jason! Congrats on your new baby girl!


Hey BOL Gang greetings,

Wow – I can’t believe this – after this long wait and all the excitement – guess what – we loyal DirectTV subscribers - over 13 years and I'm still nursing along my Directv Standard Def Tivo units and have been patiently waiting for the New DirectTV HD Tivo based units well guess what , us sheep are right back where we started…..

Rogers the CEO of was quoted in a Light Reading article as saying:

"The new platform won’t be available to DirecTV Group Inc. (NYSE: DTV) subscribers, since the satellite TV giant uses an older version of TiVo software in its DVRs. But Rogers said TiVo is creating a new software for DirecTV DVRs that will add some new functions.

“Their [DirecTV's] next implementation of us is not going to have this look and feel. It’s based on the classic TiVo,” he said.

See: Lightreading post at :

Oh well.....
Marcus "the SW Product Manager from Denver"


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