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Buzz Out Loud 1,002: The French Connection

Without Rafe and Brian Cooley on the show, we felt it was safe to have French tech podcaster Patrick Beja on the show to talk tech. Don't worry, he speaks in English for this show.

Without Rafe and Brian Cooley on the show, we felt it was safe to have French tech podcaster Patrick Beja on the show to talk tech. Don't worry, he speaks in English for this show. We talk about the iPhone phenomena, the poor penetration of broadband in the US, and how HD-DVD is still beating Blu-ray.

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T-Mobile announces second Google phone

Google to cut China porn results

Steve Jobs had liver transplant

Apple’s Biggest iPhone launch ever: More than 1 million sold

Apple’s $30 apology for iPhone activation delays?

Pwnage Tool for iPhone OS 3.0 now live, ultrasn0w still on standby

US 20th in broadband penetration, trails S. Korea, Estonia

LG Electronics adopts ARM processors in TVs--to help with Web 2.0 features

Blu-ray Adoption Soft, More Still Own HD DVD

Report: FTC to go after blogger freebies

Patrick Beja’s projects

Randy in Hawaii about Sprint

Heya BuzzCrew- (I have to go back to this default since I no longer know which day folks are on…)

So just reading thru twitter and found a very interesting blog post:


The first post seemed a VERY bad thing, major unknown DRM on the Kindle. “Luckily” there is a 2nd post--that seems to try and clear up the original DRM problem, but has found that Amazon is just as confused and may not be ready for the forthcoming storm of download problems…

Cheers from Oxford (where we still aren’t allowed to buy even the first Kindle yet)!
Tom Merritt the Doppelganger



This is a very interesting news story about the British top 40
singles, which has for many years only been based on record sales but
now they're thinking about including last.fm streams in their stats.
This is very good as it all those sites are really popular here.

What is more interesting is the stats halfway through the story about
single sales, that have gone up in the UK from 30 million in 2003 to
over 115 million in 2008. That is a fivefold increase. How dare the music
labels say they are losing money when this is the case. If anything
it shows that people are more interested than ever in music.

Well done on 1,000 shows.
Love the show

Jon the computer network manangement and design student from Portsmouth


Hey Buzz Crew,

I was driving around town today, doing errands and listening to Buzz Out Loud. When I heard about Bozeman job services requesting applicants to provide username and passwords for social networking sites, I was totally in denial. Molly, Tom and Jason talking about Bozeman, MT? How could this be? Afterall, Bozeman is no Silicon Valley.

As a current resident of Bozeman, I am glad to hear about my town on BOL, but the story does not put Bozeman in the best possible light. Good thing that they rescinded this policy. Please make sure the Buzz town is aware of this and this can somehow clear Bozeman’s name a bit. Bozeman is a great little town (hmm, the smallest city I’ve ever lived in, but the fifth largest city in MT) with great nature resources all around it and hope you all have a chance to come and visit this area. It is beautiful out here!

Any other BOL listeners in Bozeman?



When is episode 2000? Approximately Thursday, June 13th, 2013. [It's the second Thursday of June - gonna have to bump it back a bit]

So how’d I get that? First, I wrote a little script that would go through the months and count the number of weekdays for me. This gave me a nice estimate of how many BOLs there’d be. But it didn’t take into consideration the holidays. So I Googled a holiday list and came up with http://www.opm.gov/Operating_Status_Schedules/fedhol/2009.asp and added those to the spreadsheet, too. I had the spreadsheet do the math for me to remove them and then run a count for me.

I did the last bit by hand, knowing that the last episode of May 2013 would be #1991, I counted into 2000 by hand.

A few other notable or neat episode numbers:
1194 – Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 – BOL’s 10th Anniversary.
1234 – Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
1250 – Thursday, June 17th, 2010 [A third Thursday!]
1337 – Thursday, October 21st, 2010 [A third Thursday!]
1500 – Thursday, June 16th, ts on 1[A third Thursday!]
1750 – Thursday, June 14th, 2012 [A second Thursday - booo]

All of these dates are obviously approximate – Days off for things like CES travel and such aren’t included, nor are double-episode days.

You can see the spreadsheet at http://bit.ly/bol2000math.

Love the show, and ‘grats on 1k!

Tommy in Kingston