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Brilliant toilet paper ad shows true limits of technology

A father wants to replace every element of paper with new gadgets. Until, that is, he goes to the restroom. That's when his wife teaches him about life.

The paperless society is upon us. It has us enthralled by its shiny lights and geometric screens. Whenever we look at paper, we see it with a vague nostalgia, marveling at our retrograde nature for ever having trusted it.

But then along comes this profound ad for French toilet paper brand, Le Trefle.

It asks us first to consider how annoying it can be to live with one of those people who believes that every gadget represents a better future.

It asks us if we could tolerate living with a man who insists that he and his tablets are somehow more intelligent than any more-ancient creation.

Happily, he receives a comeuppance so beautiful that even the most gadget-committed might catch themselves for a moment and consider their delusions.

For his wife, so tired of living with New Man, finds a way to show him just how primitive his obsessions truly are.